Have you noticed how TOTALLY misleading your thoughts and emotions can be?

The most obvious example is the anxiety and fear you might get before an interview (insert any fear-inducing upcoming event, e.g. exam, meeting, public speaking engagement).

The fear level may be at a 7/10 and the thought-stream will match it for intensity:

“This is awful. I don’t want to do this. They’re gonna hate me. I’m gonna get swallowed alive”.

Or it may be a 5. The thought-stream reflects that:

“Agh I don’t like this. I just hope it goes well. I may f*** it up”.

Then you do the interview and FAR from the awful images that were populating your mind with the concurrent dreadful messaging, the interviewers were actually delightful.

You question why you were so nervous.

How many times have you had this kind of thing happen? 5? 10? More?

This reveals the all too frequent fallaciousness and fallibility of your emotions and thoughts (together that make up your PERCEPTION).

Your perception is the internal “culture” through which you view something.

Perception and projection work together and simultaneously.

You PROJECT your perception onto the event, ALL happening within you.

The problem is we naturally BELIEVE our perception to be true.

Yet its frequent fallaciousness ought to give you pause, no?


This is all very well but HOW do you HEAL perception?

How to get the fear level to 1 or 0 where the inherent narrative would be more like:

“I can’t wait for this. I can’t wait to show them my value and win xyz”.

This is the subject of my 1:1 private masterclasses, the HOW to heal perception.

They are FREE to the first 5 people who comment below or DM me with a YES!

Romantic Partner As The Catalyst For Your Massive Healing



The one YOU are hugely attracted to, the one YOU can’t seem to live without, the one YOU want to live the rest of your life with (most of the time!), the one that seems to push ALL your buttons – both the good and bad ones – RIGHT THERE you are at the crossroads of whether you let ego rule the roost, or allow the intrinsic relational MEDICINE to kick in.

Your partner is the PERFECT shape and size for you to learn some very high level life lessons OR to run headlong into the highs and lows of what you’d perhaps see in a day-time Mexican soap opera.

It’s like the lock-and-key hypothesis you find in biological enzymes: 2 agents come together and fit perfectly but instead of a beautiful activation occurring, a flushing up of all that is difficult occurs.

The one that ATTRACTS you— is actually a high-level ruse set up by Divinity for you to be UNCONSCIOUSLY attracted to deep learning and self-healing.

• What are YOUR biggest challenges when it comes to relationships?

• What are the themes that seem to reoccur?

• When do they usually fall down?

I’m opening up sessions on this very rich and beautiful subject area. Please get in touch if you want to get this part of life right. The rewards are VAST.

Love Is The Cure: Romantic Partnership As Fast-Track To Self Healing



We all know how wonderful the honeymoon period is. You pour all that love-energy and sex-energy into that one individual. You see him/her as the one. It’s all different this time. You see the rest of your life with them.

Then boooom, something collapses, the edifice somehow dismantles. It’s no more. Just massive pain and confusion where there was once talk of happy ever after.

How’d you like it when the honeymoon period is over? When real-life kicks in? When the tide goes back out and all the rubbish that’s on the shore line is exposed? How’d you like all that stuff?

How many times has that happened to you? Amazing beginning to a relationship, massively hedonistic then booooom, over.

What just happened?!

So in that NEXT PHASE of the relationship, hard as it is, is the golden chalice that contains all the healing ingredients.

If you know how to RIDE that next phase, then you’re free.

Who’d like to turn their romantic relationships into a huge healing fest?

Who’s ready to STOP this carousel of 3 month to 3 year relationships and go HEAD-LONG into massive self-healing and therefore THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY partnership with someone who IS ready for you?

DM me. We need to talk.

Book in below for a get-to-know-each other session (please include your time zone in the comments).

This intro session will allow you to tell Dan about your key challenges when it comes to relationships, key themes that seem to reoccur plus what your ideal relationship looks like.

Dan will then furnish you with a roadmap from challenge to solution/release. (£55 including roadmap).

The Examined Mind


One of the biggest days of freedom that we have in our lives is when we realise our emotions are wildly misleading and are really no more than an over-inflated mirage.

We perhaps realise this when our anxiety is on major red-alert, over something as ridiculous as someone banging into us by mistake on the bus.

The problem with emotions like anxiety and fear and even guilt is that they are UNEXAMINED, meaning they are not seen through the totally objective lens of scrutiny.

Instead they govern WAY too much decision-making in adult life and they occupy too much space in the psyche. Not to mention their disgraceful discomfort in the body.

Next Tue, I am going to be demonstrating very clearly why emotions can “naff off” (as we say in the British parlance), and importantly what is there BEYOND them: namely peace, bliss and a natural beautiful insight-rich intelligence that will inform you HOW to navigate any life scenario.

This webinar is perfect for you if:

• fear and anxiety get the better of you, and you want to dominate them for a change

• you are done with being so emotional

• you want to choose how you feel, not have situations dictate how you are.

Message me dansainsbury.transformation@gmail.com for the link to the live webinar.


The Dial


A new thing I’ve been doing with clients recently is turning the good feelings up in them all the way to their maximum.

The feelings THEY desire instead of the ones that they’ve been struggling with.

For example, empoweredness and aliveness instead of anxiety and lethargy.

This also works really well in SPECIFIC situations where, for example, you’ve been arguing a lot with your partner of late and you’ve been short-tempered AND INSTEAD you want to be kind and calm.

I call it The Dial.

Let’s do the entire process together now.

First, what’s the negative feeling you wish to clear?

Is it fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger? What is it exactly?

Go down into the body to where the FEELING is and SAY to the feeling

“I’m surrounding this with Light”

Repeat the phrase to the feeling one more time.

Think about a situation that tends to PROVOKE that feeling and say the phrase to it 2 more times.

Repeat the entire above sequence til you get to a NEUTRAL state in the body.

Now say the phrase to the feeling of neutrality. This will bring you to net positive.

How do you most WANT to feel instead?

E.g. Empowered.

Close your eyes, see a dial out in front of you. It says Empowered above it. It goes from 0-10.

What number is it on right now?

E.g. 5.

Turn it to 6 (or whatever +1 is) bring more Light in.

Turn it to 7 bring more Light in

Turn it to 8 bring more Light in

Turn it to 9 bring more Light in

Turn it to 10 bring ALL of Light in.

Shake the body, reset, look at the dial now, what number is it on now? Keep tweaking it one number up, all the way to 10 as above.

What’s that like?

You can also use this at the beginning of the day.

How do you most WANT to feel today?


How do you feel right now?


So, first, do the clearing sequence on the feeling you don’t want. THEN the dial on the feeling you do.

This will shift your entire being, energy AND perspective. Please let me know how this exercise is for you.

This is also REALLY POWERFUL if you do it live with Dan.

© Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology 2020


Get The F.Unc Out …


This is as good a time as any to lift the bonnet (pop the hood, I don’t know the other 6200 world languages’ equivalents of this phrase .. perhaps wherever you are from please write the equivalent below 😊🙏) and reveal the ENGINE of the way fear and uncertainty work.

And from here on in I’m going to abbreviate fear and uncertainty to F.Unc. We’re going to slam dunk the f.unc today.

F.unc is an entirely natural, internally generated response by the human, HOWEVER it’s ultimately ENTIRELY unhelpful.

It OBFUSCATES a clear path forward.

It DISEMPOWERS you and leaves you weak and writhing around.

It’s WHOLLY SUBJECTIVE meaning that, even though there is a global pandemic of covid19, EACH INDIVIDUAL will have their specific INNER NARRATIVE about what it means for them.

They will also EACH have their specific level and intensity and degree of f.unc from 0-10.

F.unc is, in its essence, when distilled, no more than a FEELING in the body, which then becomes a story-line in the mind which then gets PROJECTED outwards onto the situation. The situation itself is nothing. YOU bring all the meaning and story and feeling to it.

Dan Sainsbury Sessions

In our session, we will

• Clear ALL of the feeling of f.unc

• That will REVEAL more clarity, AT LEAST neutrality about how to be and what to do

• When we clear it to ZERO we then move into the CREATION phase, i.e. we look at what you MOST WANT TO HAPPEN in your life, and manifest that.

I’ve been doing this with a group of people since the outbreak with PHENOMENAL results. A. Their f.unc goes completely and B. They begin to be CRYSTAL-CLEAR about their future AND how to make it happen.

Slam Dunk The F.Unc Sessions

To book your session with me please fill out the form below and I can fit you in over the next 3 days.

I can absolutely guarantee you’ll love it.



What Prevents Manifestation?


Manifestation means the life exactly as you want it actually happening as a reality.

A lot of the manifestation material out there talks too much about vibrating at a particular frequency of the outcome already attained.. which is fine BUT it does not talk about the aspect in your mind that is ANTI manifestation, which is the SHADOW or negative aspect.

If this part isn’t WHOLLY transmuted then it will pull you back into its thrall and your attempts at creating a life you adore will be muted, sabotaged, short-lived etc.

The MIRACLE manifestation would involve a TOTAL CESSATION of fear related to the situation you wish to resolve. Remember this is an INNER TO OUTER game.

So to BRILLIANTLY manifest, it’s a 2step dance.

STEP 1 “Negate the negative”

What this means is being TRANSPARENT ABOUT HOW YOU CURRENTLY FEEL about the issue you want to manifest for.

E.g. money. If you want a ton of money yet really you have a mind full of judgments about it: it’s disgusting, I hate it, I’m terrified about not having any … that is the NEGATIVE which will totally detract from your ability to have it in abundance.

So, first step TOTALLY HEAL your current perception about the issue you are working on. Clearing out ALL shadow.

And being SO HOT on transmuting ALL fdc about it.

Fdc = fear, doubt and concern.

When I’m working with clients I get them to PROACTIVELY FLUSH OUT any negative in their mind about the issue, just so I know they are fully clean.

STEP 2: Know and see in your mind’s eye clearly the perfect outcome of what you most want INSTEAD of your current situation.

Use Divine Light to crystallise the Vision in your mind and body. So that you become a natural embodied manifestor of that rather than of what you don’t want.


In short, too many people are far too aware of what they want without having realised that they are also TERRIFIED of not having it.

Negate the negative first, before you try and manifest the positive.

Make sense?

Do you want to learn more about this?

Do you want to get extremely good at it?

Message me, telling me exactly what you want, and why, and we will make it work.

Message/WhatsApp me here +44 77239 25056


Download and keep the full manifestation process: Here’s the process

Intimate Relationships As A Fast-Track To Healing

Relationships are the FAST-TRACK to self-healing.

Or self-destruction.

Depending on the way you are using the relationship.

If you are using it to GET something, like a baby bird squawking for worms, it will bring about your quick unravelling and decay.

If you are using it to NOTICE the ways it triggers and activates you, then to CLEAR those triggers and activation points, then each time you do that’s a step toward INNER FREEDOM.

The problem is, most people are slovenly lazy in this regard and have a list of boxes that need to be ticked that a partner has to meet or a list of do’s and don’t’s, doing NOTHING to work on their own blindspots and projection areas.

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to relationships?

Where does it often go wrong?

What’s your biggest frustration?

How do you WANT it to be?

What would be the value of fully HEALING YOURSELF when it comes to relationships?

What does an ideal relationship look like to you?

What would it be like to have one?

This is a big area of focus for my healing and psychology practice. Book an intro chat with me here Intro Chat

RELATIONSHIP HEALING is complex but so valuable to do.

Anti Manifestation

We all wish to live the best possible life we can.

We all wish to have life exactly how we want it.

Best career, best working and living environment, best partner, best health, best amount of money and so on.


So what are the saboteurs that DIMINISH our ability to have what we want?

The biggest one is our PAST.


Our PAST fills our mind with all the failures, all the pain, all the setbacks which leave such a deep energetic IMPRINT in the mind that manifestations and the desire to create will simply be sucked back into those black-holes.

Who knows what I’m talking about here?

Who would like to know the solution?


Well, THANKFULLY I have written down my process that I use when I help my clients to use their Higher Self to

(A) CLEAR ALL the shadows and imprints of their past, in order to

(B) CREATE AND VISUALISE from a pain-free, past-free beautiful blank canvas, to then

(C) TURBO-CHARGE the manifestation of what they DO want.

The link to the exact process I use is here https://payhip.com/b/ePj1


The Power Of A Question

Asking the right question at the right time is like a Swiss Army knife for a therapist. Whether you are helping someone or helping yourself, asking the right question can be a life saver.

Questions act as a PATTERN-INTERRUPT meaning they temporarily interrupt the normal direction and flow of consciousness and then redirect it.

The better the question the more successful the redirection.

Here are some situations where you can best use a great question:

1. When you’re feeling down or disempowered.

First CLEAR the negative feelings in the body by allowing them, then breathing them into the heart-centre and releasing them on the outbreath. Continue til all clear.

The question then is

“If I was totally proactive here and took total ownership of this situation, what would I do?”

Let the answer come, write it down, maybe ask it again to see what else comes.

2. When you have a tendency to catastrophise

Notice the feelings of catastrophisation, allow them in full, breathe them into the h-c, breathe out. Continue til all gone.

Then ask

“What is the perfect outcome here?”

3. When you are lost in life and don’t have a sense of your raison d’être

Clear the feelings as above then,

“Wind forward to the end of my life, what do I have to have achieved to say, yep, a life well-lived?”

So as you see, the combination of first CLEARING the way you currently feel about something then asking the RIGHT QUESTION delivers great dividends.