Finding Your Purpose, Passion and Meaning

📝 Longish post, so strap yourself in.

Today in my session with a course student we went into Life Meaning And Life Purpose (Session 7 of 10).

Here is what we did:

  1. 👉 We ran an exercise which revealed 3 separate life purposes for her
  2. 👉 We ran a further exercise on 1 of them to reveal the Ultimate Vision of that purpose.

Eg. Purpose: she wants to be a well known singer and performer.

Ultimate Vision: she sees herself being photographed and all over a famous magazine. She sees herself bringing her music to many people.

Feeling: feels amazing

Proximity of Vision to her now/Strength of its reality: she feels completely close to it. It feels completely real.

So we know her Vision is not far away but fully embodied now.

  1. 👉 We next ran an exercise to understand the best way to ensure the Vision happens.

Strategy: upload all her music to YouTube as a first step.

  1. 👉 We next ran an exercise to see when the perfect time is to do this Strategy.

Implementation: by a specific date in December.

This puts the first steps in place to bring about the Vision she wants to make happen.


Once you understand WHY you are here on the planet (Purpose), the best possible outcome of this Purpose (Ultimate Vision) and how to make it happen (Strategy/Implementation) your days are fully accounted for.

Your life becomes alive with meaning and you know exactly where to focus your time. You won’t be drifting around filling time with peripheral, vacuous nonsense.

Hope all this makes sense.


Questions for you:

• What value would it bring you to know exactly why you are here?

• And then to know exactly HOW to start doing it?

• To know exactly where you could go with it ultimately?

Are you ready to completely KNOW your Purpose and Vision? Schedule your initial call here 🗓 📞

New Transformational Psychology Course

I’m very excited to announce I’m now teaching the depth and breadth of my psychology to students and fellow therapists from around the world.

If you have a keen interest in psychology but don’t want to spend years on the subject or spend £10,000s I give a high-impact, rich, deep learning experience 1 on 1.

It will give you a ton of insights and techniques to gain rapid optimisation of your self and your life.

I had my first student yesterday and she absolutely loved it.

It’s a 10 week course and will cover a very exciting range of topics.

If you’d like the course curriculum you can download it directly here


Course reviews:

“I met Dan quite recently, but in a way I feel I know him forever.

As if we have been long time friends.

Dan is an absolutely fantastic tutor, where by explaining a topic, he gives his own life experience examples and always makes sure that I understand and practice the right way, by running examples in my own life.

Because of Dan’s performance, I see and feel things differently, in bright colors and in a more positive way.

I don’t look back anymore, as I used to do before .

I know it will take some time to transform totally, but only from 5 sessions I feel that I’m almost there!

I want to thank Dan for changing my life, and also wish for more people to know him and use his amazing skills of healing and transforming lives!

Thanks Dan”

Veronika Wilding

Relationship Optimisation

The 3 unconscious programs that produce the bulk of our perceptions, projections, expectations and fears in relationships are:

• the relationship we had with our mother
• ditto father
• the relationship they had together

To the degree they run rampant in the subconscious is to the degree they affect us to this day.

I was working with someone on this very subject last week, and the process I use brings to the surface the key memories that need to be excavated and healed.

Her mother was critical and anxious, her father domineering and had an “I know best” mentality. Their relationship had been heated and argumentative.

Once we healed all the key memories she felt light and unburdened by these imprints. Free to create and attract a relationship that she DOES want.

We then moved to the manifestation of the ideal relationship for her. This can only really be done once the clearing of the programs has been done.

The Vision of the ideal came easy to her. It felt blissful in her body. The hitherto de-programming meant no interference arose, clouding that vision.

De-program first, manifest second.

I’m excited to continue the manifestation with her next session.

If you want to run this process please enquire about sessions.

Be The Most Outstanding Lover Program

Outcome of the course:

You will only attract and be attracted to the most exquisite partners.

How it’s done:

We will ~

▪︎ heal and optimise ALL your unconscious relational patterning so you do not keep running up against the same problems and partners who are not quite right 

▪︎ understand and define exactly what you DO want a relationship to be, and manifest that

▪︎ heal all the deeper programs related to your childhood (relationship with father, mother, and the residue of the relationship your parents had).

▪︎ optimise you so that you become your best possible self

▪︎ remove all fear and doubt and judgment about the opposite sex so that you attract only the best

This has been a very popular course so far and the stories I can share have been amazing. 

It is comprised of 8 sessions, generally conducted over 4 weeks.

If you’d like to know more please fill out:

How To Overcome Fear

I noticed a video come up on YouTube with this as a title that went on for 2.5 hours and immediately thought “What!? That’s way too long” … so I will give you a potted guide to how I go about doing this here.

Fear is what is known as a substrata emotion, in the sense that typically it is the bottom of the stack of emotions that carry other emotions such as anxiety, anger and jealousy. Fear underpins all of it. The implication being that often times, if you get underneath those more superficial emotions and get to the FEAR component, and clear that out, the whole stack disappears.

Fear is a real smoke-and-mirrors act in the sense that it feels completely real (of course it feels real, it has its own feeling-signature in the body) but the weird paradox is that it’s often the easiest emotion to clear out. It’s like a mist, as you blow it away, the Sun can shine through again: the Sun being your clarity and insight and peace in any situation.

People often say “Yeah but you need fear”, I’d say it’s present in 99.999% of situations where it is a complete over-reaction. That’s to say it’s redundant. It floods the engine in completely “innocent” situations and disallows an optimal performance / navigation / clarity of thought where you most need it e.g. an interview, exam, challenging conversation, social event. It’s no more than an evolutionary hangover where it made more sense to have it in the sometimes brutal hunter-gatherer societies.

Fear stops people from a multitude of things:

  • Pursuing a new career
  • Leaving a partner
  • Leaving an abusive boss
  • Doing public speaking events that would net them new clients

It essentially separates people from materialising the Vision of a life they’d love.

When does your fear show up? If you knew how to turn it down or OFF completely, how would life be different? What would you be doing in life?

I am running fear-clearing courses as of 30th October. It is 3 sessions 1 on 1, we will clear your fear together and I will give you 2 techniques where you can do it also on your own. To know how to do this is completely life-changing. You will literally be able to navigate situations optimally and create a life that you love as opposed to being limited by previous patterns!

I strongly recommend you do this. These are tools for life.

To book, it is £295 via PayPal ( I’m excited to help you.

The Adverserial Nature Between Men and Women

I was speaking with someone recently who had been “wronged” by someone she had been seeing. As discussed in a previous post, she found out that he had still been on a dating site and was seeing other women.

She ended up pretending to be someone else on this dating site by setting up a new profile — and lo and behold he got in contact and started trying to “pitch” this new woman (the fictitious profile) talking about all his wonderful accolades and achievements and successful businesses.

Whilst she couldn’t believe that she’d done this, that it was “wildly out of character”, I explained it was one of her sub-personalities that had been triggered and activated that she was playing out.

I had the sense that this is a SURFACE or SYMPTOM issue, that there was a deeper mistrust of men generally and lo and behold after about 10 minutes of chatting she said “All you men are crazy”.

I remember when I was 19 and dating an “older woman” of 28 (she seemed SOOO much older than me), which was my first intimate relationship, when after about 7 months I decided to end the relationship her comment was “all men are b*stards”. I was a sweet guy, had never been in a relationship before and immediately recognised the falseness in her statement.

Yet that BELIEF SYSTEM was her OPERATING SYSTEM: and whilst those operating systems run, particularly if they are vigorously run WILL CAUSE the very thing you are so sure about, akin to a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Exercise For You:

Check in with yourself. Do you have a belief about the opposite sex?

What is it?

These beliefs run like scripts in you and will subtly cause the very thing that you don’t want to happen.

These scripts need to be dissolved.

The most wonderful relationship has ZERO DEGREE of adverserial-ness. By its nature it’s predicated upon WANTING THE VERY BEST for your partner. This cannot be done if there are traces of mistrust, resentment, fear and the like.

Do you recognise any of this?
Do you want to begin to clear out these adverserial programs that are in you?

If so, you can talk to me about HOW I do this — and how I do it to completion:

Excited to hear from you.

The Greater The Need For A Relationship, The More Likelihood Of Failure

I was chatting to someone last night who wanted my advice on a relationship issue.

She had been seeing someone semi-seriously over a 6 month period and she felt something was awry — he was not able to fully commit and lo and behold a friend of hers saw him still active on a dating site.

She was hurt and broke up with him. She got in contact with me as a few months on she felt ready to date again and started chatting to a guy she’d dated before but it wasn’t quite there for her that first time.

“I just remember how nice he was and why I dated him to begin with. Maybe I’ve changed. Maybe I wasn’t ready then”

She later when on to explain, “I just need to start dating again to get this guy out of my head”.

She sounded emotionally confused, still hurt — and my theory is, the more emotional pain you have, and the greater your need, that sets up a perceptual distortion that will cause you to (a) chose wrongly (b) end up hurting yourself or potentially someone else.

I see this in 1000s of people. UNLESS AND UNTIL you heal the emotional pain, and the unconscious programs causing you to chose suboptimal partners or project erroneously onto GREAT partners then it’s going to be a string of disasters (in all likelihood) in front of you.

Similarly, someone I knew a few years ago was dating profusely to avoid her pain and each time, she fell very emotionally involved with the new potential mate who inevitably withdrew and she was left with her pain, somewhat more amplified than before.

Fall on your own sword, turn inward, face the shadow, heal all the feelings that you do not want to feel. Clean yourself up. Get yourself into a place where there is ZERO need just a LOVE of the idea of having a great life with someone.

Please feel free to get in touch if you want to start and complete this inner journey. You can check out my S.A.F.E. In Love Course too:


How To Manifest Optimally In The Key Life Areas

I was working with someone this morning — she’s about 5 sessions in and sounds so different to when we started. Akin to a gleaming, shinier, stronger version of herself.

Less weighed down by the energy and baggage from her past, deprogrammed from a lot of past conditioning — more able to CLEAR emotions as they arise and not to immediately be wed to them or engulfed by them.

Now she is in a consistently clearer and vibrant state, now is the time to work on the optimal manifestation in the different areas in her life. Purposeful Life Design. I used to call this Optimal Life Design (O.L.D.) “How to get O.L.D. before you get old.”

Namely, how does she WANT her life to be? What does she want in her life?

She had 3 things come to her immediately — to do with a new career she wanted to embark on and a passion-project that she wanted to spend more time on. Hitherto, they had taken a back seat as she was embarking on this INNER journey of clearing emotions and past memories leading to the “suboptimal programming” that had been governing her to that point.

I had her write each item down in a 1st column.

2nd column, how does she FEEL when she thinks of the item?

3rd column, what’s the ULTIMATE VERSION of each one?

4th column, what’s the perfect next step to bring it into fruition?

E.g. this is what it would look like:

ItemFeelingUltimateNext Step
Become an excellent vocal coachAmazing, LightI am well recognised, and I am doing meaningful work that helps people find and enjoy their voiceVolunteer at a renowned vocal coach school to make the necessary connections, and take it from there

Now this manifestation work is AT ITS BEST when you have done enough of the clearing of the emotional “gunk” that has been weighing down on you.

Without having done the clearing work:

1. There may be too much chaos internally to think straight

2. Emotions can pull you this way and that and corrupt / hijack your thinking

3. Your emotions and internal programming can make you think you do not deserve to have what you want or you are so unused to having what you want as it’s “selfish” etc

So, first step clear.

Second step “point and shoot” the manifestation device!

You deserve an exceptional life. And the more you bring all the very best of your self the more it helps the world at large.

If you have any questions related to any of this please message me on +44 77239 25056 or complete the following:

Romantic Pain

I often remark that when you see someone bawling their eyes out in public, it’s not that someone has just died but someone is about to leave them or has left them.

Such is the profound, raw feeling of being “dumped” that it is unconscionably devastating.

I have been there myself.

I have been through quite a few romantic “devastations” and I have come to realise a few things about it, from a deep psychology perspective.

I would turn the whole thing on its head and say that this devastation is necessary.

It forces you to your knees and takes you from hubris to humiliation to humility. It allows you to see all the egoic programs you had in you that brought you to this position.

I’d also argue that it forces you to question ROMANTIC IDEALISM, the fabled ideal that is imperceptibly filtered into human consciousness through public media.

Put simply, love is not enough. At least not “human love” which if you examine closely is not really love at all. But very often some composite of need, fear of lack, fear of loss, sexual desire, resource acquisition etc.

Yes that final sentence may be a tough read but under close examination romantic love can be exposed as a lot of shadowy elements surrounding the pure love itself.

Heart break, and multiple relationship breakdowns expose these truths and force you to heal deeply.

Just recently I’ve been clearing and healing someone’s break up pain, and underneath it was a fear of not being enough. It came from when her father left her aged 5.

It is these kind of underlying programs that are crucial to heal so that you can transcend to the most exquisite of relationships.


If you’d like to chat about any of this or heal your heart ache please let me know.

Emotional Clearing And Manifestation

I have been working with someone this past few weeks on helping her extract herself from a toxic relationship.

Aside from all the hedonic pleasure she was getting from it, it was an abusive relationship and she had to get out to protect her sanity.

The problem was, she had left the relationship before but her desire for him would grow after a week of not seeing him, she missed him and would end up back in the cycle again.

In the session we cleared all the feeling of need / missing / loss.

We even looked at the “love” she had for him and she saw that it wasn’t really love but a complex of desire, need, wanting to save him, lack etc.

We cleared that too.

When the process was complete she felt peaceful, strong, composed.

After a week of this NEW feeling, he got in contact with her, and apologised for everything, something he’d never done before.

This is the MANIFESTATION element of clearing work: your NEW INNER REALITY naturally provokes new events on the outer plane of your life that are concordant with the new peace and joy in the body.

Give me a 👋 if you understand this principle?