We are by now familiar with the idea that underneath each sickness – and it is particularly noticeable with emotional sickness – is a particular and specific form of “unforgiveness” (ie. trauma, wound) that was laid down in the mind of the ‘healee’ in an earlier, formative part of their life. 

At the time, typically in childhood, it is barely possible for one to have the psychological maturity to know how to deal with and process the emotional event eg. a parent talking to you in a particularly angry or out-of –control way; a mother leaving the family home at the age of 6;  an alcoholic father who is distant; or parents that only seem to love when you are high-achieving at school. 

Instead we quickly find ways and strategies to move on, to bury the hurt, that is simply too much for the child to bear. Additionally, we find strategies to win their affection that ought really to have been ours regardless.

And so the mechanisms by which we navigate adulthood are formed, the biases through which we view the world are created, and the self-defences are erected around the original wounds to prevent them from being looked at, or indeed often known about. The wounds still remain however and compel us to act in certain idiosyncratic ways. 

It is why we so have many emotional issues, that can turn into physical ones if left unchecked, in adulthood: the fear of our partner leaving us, never quite feeling good enough, feeling that we have to work so hard to earn love from the outside, churning generic anxiety for no “apparent” reason. 

How to Heal with Holy Spirit. 

Holy Spirit is our Communication Link with the Divine (‘God’ whatever you want to call “It”!) and has the ‘bird’s eye view’ of all aspects of all our lives. It has the Intelligence to show you what has caused the issues you are now facing.

If you want to take this a little further, HS can also show us aspects of past lives, that were so shocking to us they remain within our subtle bodies – and unconsciously affect us to this day. 

This is the step-by-step way of using HS to heal these deleterious forces in our unconscious mind. I have used it many times (both on myself and others) to bring about very clean healing that has a deep, transformative effect.

1. Float gently, and lovingly, into your issue: be it anxiety, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough. 

2. Ask Holy Spirit “Holy Spirit, what do I need to forgive here?” 

3. Wait for any information to come to you. It can be in the form of thoughts, memories, specific words, images etc. It could be your father talking to you in a particularly boorish manner, a teacher thinking you’re not good enough at school OR it may be something that you do not recognize: eg. seeing farmland burning, being attacked in a war scenario etc. All is worthwhile fodder here.

4. Alongside being shown these images, and you MAY feel how it felt at the time (though this is more the case with stuff of this life). If so, be brave, go with it, and immediately use the Light of the Holy Spirit to flood the image so you take the sting out of it. 

5. When you bring the Light in the image will perish, and the memory will lose its toxicity, its value. It will be transmuted and completely let go, loved, healed. No longer casting its shadow on you to this day.

You will know it has worked if you feel really light, really joyous “for no reason”, suddenly very spacious, and sometimes people have said they are suddenly very hungry! 

It is a beautiful way of healing core issues and if you would like to know more about it, or work with a practitioner to lift any issues you are going through, let me know.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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