You may not know – yet – how to heal a broken bone or a burst blood vessel, but you CAN release the fear or darkness you hold within the condition and therefore allow the natural healing reservoir you have at your fingertips.

Once you make it your absolute responsibility to clear all fear you have in the body (the bulk of it unconscious, 99% of it submerged akin to an iceberg) you are immediately putting yourself on the fast-track to recovery – by unvealing the natural Light available to you underneath the fear and darkness.

In the same way as darkness and fear provide the perfect breeding ground for disease and decay to flourish, once we send them on their way, healing can commence!!


A. by simply noticing where they are in the body. They are like dark spots and crevices, wanting to remain undetected. They appear to have a harsh bite but on closer inspection they are literally cower to nothing underneath your neutral, Loving gaze.

B. you can hasten their retreat by simply LOOKING at them unflinchingly, ALLOWING them completely (thus showing your fearlessness and resolve) and BREATHING THEM IN to the heart’s centre, where they are given up and dissolved.

The soil for your growth and creation is restored and revitalised, and the sunflower of the Self can flourish in the key ingredients of fearlessness, love and Light.


Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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