If you can shift awareness out of the compelling and dictatorial nature of your thoughts — into their more mutable and changeable bedfellow, your FEELING-STATE, there is more flexibility and scope for healing and transformation there.

If you try and change your thoughts at the mental level, it is not going to be easy! Far more effective to sidestep the thought level altogether and drop into how you are feeling. It is after all the feeling-state that gives the credibility, and the fuel to your thinking. 

And it is far, far easier to make a healing difference at this level.

Let us say, for example, you are dreading a job interview. Your nerves have got the better of you, you are coming up with all kinds of terrible scenarios in your head about how it is going to go wrong. By the time you get there you are far from being your best. And the lead-up to it of course has been exhausting and uncomfortable.

Or, you could DROP RIGHT INTO THE FEELING-STATE, by asking the ‘key’ question “How do I feel about this?”
Answer: awful.

On labeling (authentically) the feeling, it is loosened from its moorings and freed up into the life-stream of the self. It needs to then be carefully ALLOWED and BREATHED INTO the spiritual Heart and released.

So in short, once you make the shift from the head into the body healing is easier come by.

The once-distastrous feeling-state is softened, its nefariousness given up in favour of a far more exquisite beneficence. The thought-state has to then reflect that. Thoughts once hard as crystal are softened if not muted altogether, perhaps new thoughts come that depict a rosier ‘future’.


Why not spend a day with one eye turned inwards noting how you are feeling in certain situations rather than being so glued to the TV of your thoughts, with the following:

1. How are you FEELING? [label it as accurately and as truthfully as possible]
2. On labelling it is activated for healing
3. Breathe the feeling into the “Spiritual Heart” (that part of you that knows only Love).
4. Exhale

Once you start making great headway in clearing the once-fraught emotional landscape, the mists are cleared to reveal an always Present, Glorious Sun, the pure Benevolence of your True Nature

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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