Emotional pain and disorder, which is often experienced very physically, can be traced all the way back to its source, that is to say the original incident that laid the wound down in the “body-mind”.

When we are able to trace the pain back all the way back into the original wound, true deep healing can occur, and with it and a release of a ton-weight of emotional baggage.

The wound is healed through a process of transmutation, or forgiveness, ie. literally giving up the original complex of hurt thoughts and feelings in favour of Love|Light|Peace|Total non-judgment. A letting go. The Light of non-judgment can be breathed into the wound for the transmutation to take place.

All transmutation means here is changing the lower energy for a higher, purer, lighter one: for, nothing can actually be destroyed, just its energy changed.

An example of a wound could be the way our father or mother shouted at us at a very ‘tender’ age; it could be an illness in the young child that necessitated an invasive hospital stay; any number of traumatic incidents that penetrated the cocoon of perfect comfort in the child. This can also come about as a result of a traumatic birth. All these types of things can engender acute defence mechanisms in the adult eg. OCD, phobias, high anxiety, lassitude, poor self-esteem and the like.

Regardless of how the emotional wound originated, and how ‘severe’ the impact, it can all be Healed.

We are here to Heal, not accumulate wealth, identity or pleasure-satiation, as it is though profound Healing that we can experience life with a deep, authentic sweetness and unshakeable Joy. It is through Healing that we can know ourselves as one with everything and everyone else (the ‘Whole’ which is where the word heal comes from).

As this is a process of ‘forgiveness’ we can Ask to be shown the source of the pain, as often the source is buried from sight, not remembered, highly ‘defended’ against through layers of conditioning.

I do this using the Divine or eternal part of the Mind referred to as Holy Spirit in the wonderful psyche-spiritual text ACIM. The HS can show us what needs to be “given up”, healed, forgiven.

So as I travel into the issue (eg fear / anxiety etc) I can ask Holy Spirit “What is it that I need to forgive here?” and I am shown – in my mind – a specific memory or set of memories at the root of the issue.

Once the root is shown me I can quickly ‘give it Up’ to the Light whereupon it is at once dissolved, deleted. This part of the mind is then healed and life can resume, this time with a greater storehouse of pure, radiant, Loving consciousness.

Do enjoy and let me know if you have any questions.



Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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