Wonderful from Richard Bartlett on the nature of the infinite possibilities of human ‘consciousness’:

“Whenever you relinquish the tendency to measure or observe with your conscious limitations, since you are composed of quantum stuff, anything is theoretically possible.” 

A little background to this: only recently have scientists discovered that the VERY ACT OF OBSERVING has an impact on the quantum make-up (ie sub-atomic matter) of that which is being observed. Consciousness itself has a quantifiable effect; it is the ‘x factor’ of scientific measurement. The very structure and fabric of our make-up in the smallest units is composed of PHOTONS which are Light and Information. Therefore we are not these gross physical slabs of meat but patterns and waves of Light and Information.

Taking it further, the TYPE or NATURE or QUALITY of observation also has an impact. For example, EXPECTED results are likely to bring that which is being EXPECTED. Also have you noticed when you are wholly LOVING with someone in difficulty and entirely non-judgmental they heal and soothe quicker than if you are aggressive or analytical.

Moreover, it has been noticed for example with water crystallisation that water left near aggressive music will display asymmetric patterning, and that left near beautiful symphony will provoke the most beautiful crystallisation (see Dr. Emoto’s studies in Japan.)

Pulling this altogether, it is agreed by many spiritual teachers that the nature of Awareness or Consciousness, in its purest state, is Love. For me, this is where you can really start playing with the healing power of pure consciousness, in the following way:

Consciousness, then, in its Pure State (ie when it is UNATTACHED to form/body/thought or outcome) when it is simply LET GO and released into and beyond the problem/pain and not CONTROLLED by us can perhaps do the best work, yield results and outcomes beyond what we had imagined. For it is in the very imagining that limits the potential. Unless you can imagine boundlessly!

Perhaps a mantra here is: “Letting consciousness go…”

Feel free to email me if you would like clarity on this.

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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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