The ego — the sense of an individual self in a world of separate individual selves — is very clever in making you think you are a specific FORM, a sense that is usually amplified when you are hurt, in pain or in some kind of negative state. 

Yet Spirit (who you actually are: eternal, infinitely Loving, and connected to all via the Source of Love) is FORMLESS.

Spiritual teachers talk about ‘Luminous Formless Presence’, which is a beautiful expression for the real you that provides the Light and the backdrop to all that happens to you in life whether you are aware of It or not. 

So, in order to heal those parts of you that are in emotional pain or difficulty — that feel as though they are pulled tight into a specific FORM or shape (a contraction), you can simply look at them AS Formlessness and let them go.

Bringing Formlessness (Truth) to form (the illusion) can do great things to unpick and unravel the illusion!

So to develop a technique out of this, you can:

(1) Turn the eye inward and notice where in the self you feel any sense of ‘form’

(2) When you find it you can say “there is form”. As you do so, it will soften/loosen and can be breathed up and into the Heart for transformation and finally release.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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