Was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine this morning whose latest beau had been a little rubbish about getting back to her between dates, so she was left in a limbo-land of not knowing what was going on a lot of the time. As you can appreciate this kind of situation brings up a battle-ground of insecurities and fears about the self.

From a healing point of view this is a wonderful opportunity, however. A beautiful battleground as it were. For in its provocation of unpleasant and uncomfortable feelings, deep patterns that we all hold of not being good enough, attractive enough, enough generally are being shown to us. We get to see the raw, unfiltered data of our unconscious belief systems first-hand. 

We did a little bit of work together, to release some of the top-line feelings, and lo and behold he texted her within about 2 minutes.

Now if this was a one-off it would have just be a pleasant surprise, but this and similar things have happened SO OFTEN in my practice (and in my life generally) that there must be a ‘law’ or other at play here. And yes I think there is.

That “law”, for want of a better word, is: THE OUTER CAN ONLY EVER BE A REFLECTION OF THE INNER. Or as my dear friend Steve Fordwould say “the outer has to conform to the inner”. Well put, Steve. Or as the Course In Miracles puts it, the world is but an “outward picture of an inner condition”.

Taking this a little further. Success cannot come from nothing. It cannot come from a shadow cowering in a corner. It can only come from belief (just as its opposite comes from a belief!). And better still, success can REALLY fly if that belief becomes a KNOWING. A solid, resplendent, Golden internal Yes! kind of knowing. Where the passion of your truest desire is the golden lava running toward the object of that desire. Where the passion and the object become One in fearless union. So success has no choice but to happen.

And maybe that powerful, passionate, highly accomplished YES! is no more than a few breaths and clearings of the fear away.

So, it may be useful to understand, in order to appraise where you are at in order to move forward exponentially:

*What is your block currently?
**What would life look like if you were able to clear the block/fear?
***Do you know how to clear the fear?

If you would like to discuss this further do let me know.

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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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