Breath has the same root as Spirit (eg. inspire). Breath, in and of itself, away from the clutter and noise of thinking, is a wonderful force for healing. In fact it can cut right through the suffering that thinking creates. 

It could be said that breath, again in and of itself, IS the bridge to the Divine, to Infinite Love ~ and a reminder that we are not separate from our Divine Source.

You see, the mind does a great job at making everything complicated and scary: it seems to be that the more ‘intelligent’ you are, the more intelligent and complicated the problem is.

Thank God we have been given two tools to escape this: the breath and the Heart Centre.

The Heart Centre, in combination with the Breath, acts as a crucible for transmutation, that is to say, they turn fear into Love within the vehicle of your self.

So we have two choices: 

1. We can try to work things out, try to ‘get over’ things at the level of the mind/intellect (where really our only reference points are our past!) or 

2. We can use the naturally loving powerful forces for Good, our breath and our Heart Centres to clear the issue at a far deeper and more transformative level.

As we ~breathe~ what we are going through into the Heart Centre, the ‘data’ of the problem (however it is internally represented for you) is immediately cleared, transmuted and healed and its form begins to change.

Try it now; take something you are going through that is giving you pain.

Now breathe *it* into the Heart’s Centre and release the residue on the outbreath.

The breath and the heart-centre act as a kind of CURRENCY EXCHANGE or TRANSLATION DEVICE, taking the fears, thoughts and catastrophisation of the ego-mind into the immediate Purity, Softness and Love of our Divine, Higher Selves.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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