It could be said that the nature of ego-self is one of preference, and with that, attraction to what it wants and avoidance of what it doesn’t. It appears to only be able to really thrive in a particular ecosystem of those narrow parameters.

What if its needs are not met? What if what it is seeking to avoid is pressing up against it time and again?

Well actually, this is a blessing in disguise. For even when we are enjoying extreme pleasure that implies its opposite, that when we are not at the fount of that pleasure we will be sad. Therefore there is a subtle play of avoidance going even when things appear to be going well.

When things are going ‘badly’, this is actually a great opportunity for deep clearing work to take place, as feelings and thoughts are merely coming up from the deep that have only ever been avoided or kept unconscious ordinarily.

A great question you can ask that allows for the beginning of deep healing to take place is:

What am I avoiding (feeling) right now? 

Now, this could be as severe as abject pain BUT this is also good, for when you are HONEST with how you are feeling (at least to yourself) that gives the first opportunity for it to be RELEASED, for the Nature of who you are does not suffer.

When you recognise what you are AVOIDING, then when you allow it and breathe it into the Heart it simply evaporates. Then what which you have a’void’ed provides the ‘void’ for Emptiness to rush in, whose Nature is Love.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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