You may not realise quite the impact old memories embedded in the mind have on your life: subtly and powerfully they weave the perceptual domain from which you view life – they give the nodes of expectation for all areas of existence: intimate relationships, relationships with friends, strangers, with life as a whole.

There will likely be certain key moments in your upbringing as well as general, ongoing themes that form the mind and the lens through which you as an adult views life. Mother constantly berating father? Father drunk and abusive? Mother angry, unloving with you generally?

How does that influence your relationships now? 

Are there certain key themes of mistrust or pain that you have that still keep coming up to this day?

Quite easily will you be able to see the thread that links childhood to adulthood.

Let us review this now with a view to moving through to resolution:

1. What are the overarching themes of hurt in childhood?

2. What are the stand-out memories within these themes?

Once we have a good understanding of this we can then move on to the RESOLUTION phase.

Those of you who are more self-aware, who have a good understanding of “why you are how you are” will already have a good grip on these themes. You perhaps like to tell the story of these self-generative concepts and ideas. Well it is time to give them up and move to a stage of greater self-love and peace.


* Take a stand-out memory. 

* As you allow Light/Love into the memory, breathe the sensations of the memory ~ the thoughts and feelings of it ~ into your “Heart Centre” (or the High Heart as it is known, that part of the chest area where you experience Love) for dissolution of said thoughts and feelings. Then use the outbreath for release. 

* As you bring and breathe more Light into the image, its contents will soften and its sting will evaporate and disappear. The figures in the ‘dream’ will start to soften too and the memory/wound loses its hold on you. Do this until gone.

*How do you feel now?

*Try with as many memories as come up in your awareness.

As we understand the deleterious memories of our past, and then are able to give them up at source, we are able to move on in life with less fear and pain, and more trust and love.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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