I was in a session the other day with a dear girl who said she wanted to give up smoking. That smoking was her secret habit and she didn’t even know why she did it in the first place.

As a healer, this is not time for analysis or conjecture as to why she might have this issue. Guesswork or intellectualisation gets you precisely nowhere in this work. Instead, we turn it over to Divine Insight (which we all have access to) to give us the golden keys that we need.

So, as with any issue regardless of its form (be it psychological or physical), I ask the client to ‘float into it as Pure Awareness’ and then have them ask Holy Spirit (the Divine Communication Link in our mind) *what it is that they need to forgive.* That is to say, what are the emotional ‘wounds’ or grievances that have been laid down in the psyche from the past that are still propagating the issue we are now presented with?

What then comes through the client is usually a word, or an image, or a memory from the past.

The word that came through for this girl was “men”. Even the thought of the word gave her great fear she said.

So I asked her to float into the idea of “men” to see what remained to be forgiven there.

Immediately she was shown a few memories of her dad losing his temper with her as a child, and on at least one occasion becoming physical. He would use such phrases as “you will not amount to anything” and allude to her stupidity and uselessness using the force of his greater size to really stamp home within her neuro-biology these deleterious ideas.

You can imagine what these utterances and these actions do to the psyche of the young child. These then form the ‘neurotics’ of the adult, giving them all the complexes and perceptual distortions that can make life such a challenge.


Once we are shown the ‘original wound’ we can do much to lift it out from the mind, however. The way we do that is to bring the Light of Divinity (synonymous with Perfect Love) into the specific memories. As we bring more and more Light in, the memory changes, reforms, and in this case all the client could see was her dad smiling and hugging her instead of berating her.

When I asked how she felt toward him, she said great love and relief.

When I asked how she felt about men now, she said fine, neutral. When I asked if she wanted a cigarette, she said no!

So you see the key to healing is to do it at source. To bring Love in where there was fear.


If you would like to work with Dan in this way please contact him at dansainsbury.healing@gmail.com

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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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