Having been involved in 100′s healing sessions in recent times, it is clear to see that you can generally trace a precise trajectory between the current core issue(s) of the client and the nature of their early emotional wound(s).

In short, you can see how one person’s precise constellation of issues in adulthood was born out of an exact set of unique conditions that happened to them in childhood.

Recent cases have included:

*Feelings of financial helplessness = seeing his mother weep at a table once when his father’s business was collapsing

*Sporadic out-of-control anger at kids = father out-of-control with her when she was a child

*Deep sciatic pain in lower back and thighs as an adult = where the client had been badly beaten as a child (in those precise bodily areas) just for playing and somehow stirring his father’s anger.

*Lover coming in and out of her life, feeling powerless toward him = father leaving as a 2 year old, and being present and loving only sporadically

*Mistrust and fear of men = father forcefully telling her that “she would not amount to anything” on a number of occasions.

These of course are broad descriptions but serve to illustrate the point.

In most cases, however, the client is:

(a) Not aware of this correlation or of (b) the specific deleterious memories that were laid down and then became ‘part of the fabric’ of the client’s outlook, as the memories soon become unconscious

This is where a SPECIFIC TECHNIQUE IS NEEDED THAT (a) allows us to firstly SEE the offending memories and (b) transform them, detoxify them


The specific technique I use allows the client to see the offending memories which can then be lifted and healed.

Once the emotional wounding has been healed at its source then the adult is free of the prison of that particular neuro-conditioning to enjoy more and more of his newly liberated self!

The transformations are remarkable and a joy to behold!

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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