You may have noticed recurring thought-feeling paradigms in particular situations, situations that give you sudden abject fear or anger, perhaps around money, or social functions, or intimate relationships.

I have mentioned before about how this is NOT about the present situation that you find yourself in but about a single event and/or a series of compounding events that occurred at certain points in your past that has given rise to this fear-based response mechanism. The ‘original wound’ so to speak.

This wound is easy to find. It is the thought/feeling “alarm system” that is activated around the situations that you find challenging.

In the Western World our biggest problem is that we typically attempt to solve to such situations using our intellect, or rational mind, to try and think our way out of the issue. However, as Einstein said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”.

We are also naturally scared by and in opposition to our own nefarious thought-feeling paradigms, we tend towards distancing ourselves from them and this active avoidance not only keeps the wound in play but also propagates short-termist displacement activity such as over-eating, smoking, drinking .. I am sure you know the type of thing!

The longer we leave the wound to fester, much like its physical counterpart, it will keep ‘expressing’ in more and more obvious ways. Much like a thorn that is deeply embedded in the skin that then gives rise to the infection which then allows it to be taken out easily, we can easily see the wound beneath the displacement activity and then start to address that from a root-cause level.


For some this is a reminder as I have written extensively about this before. There are 2 main ways as I see it. The important thing as ever is to understand WHAT GAVE RISE TO THE ORIGINAL WOUND in our earlier years. We can ask Spirit (or Holy Spirit ~ the Divine aspect of our ‘higher mind’) or simply our subconscious “When was the FIRST time I had this feeling?” OR “[Holy] Spirit, what is it I need to FORGIVE here?”

Then, staying WITH the feeling, you will be given an early memory from your past. Perhaps a time when your father responded to you with extreme anger or mother abandoned you. Staying with the FEELING is vital as the feeling itself is the cord to the original memory.

You may feel yourself opening out INTO the feeling, before the memory is given. Stay with it, despite its initial smarting.

Once you see the memory, from the vantage point of now, it is then vital to engulf it and allow it into Pure Love. Love transmutes pain and fear into Itself. Keep doing this until there is peace.

If the memory does not come cleanly through you can ask Spirit, or Holy Spirit, or Higher Self “HS, please allow me to forgive this [feeling] COMPLETELY and ABSOLUTELY”. A few runs at this and some of the original wound, if not all of it, will have been dispersed.

You will then feel free at the deepest levels, the new air of healing breathing through you.


If you would like to speak more about this for yourself please do so via private message.
Dan Sainsbury

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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