Dear All, I am offering complimentary consultations for the next couple of weeks.

I use a series of structures and techniques that allow me to (A) see what is at the root of your current condition or block. That is to say what is driving it and (B) then dissolve the issue at its root, so you are left feeling free at the deepest most expansive levels. 

Recent testimonials include:

“Dan. Thank you so much I am feeling really good and the pain in my neck and shoulders has improved dramatically. I really feel I will get my sleep back. I feel so much love for my dad amazing. I will let u know my progress. Thanks again much appreciate you time.”

“With a plethora of healing modalities available to us, it can often be daunting to choose a practitioner you can trust and get results from. I only ever approach those I feel a strong resonance with. I recently had a session with Dan Sainsbury & was pleasantly surprised at how simple yet powerful it turned out. Dan’s unique gift of healing melted away dense energies of hurt, fear and anxiety, transmuting my pain into frequencies of light, love and bliss – quite palpable and a revelation…I highly recommend having a session with Dan. He is down to earth, compassionate and genuinely cares about getting you and getting results”

“Something important has changed in me since your healing. Less attached, less fearful, clear as a bell in my work, more accepting towards [partner]. Also calmer, clearer head, more accepting and at peace with that which cannot be changed, more grounded, sleeping better and the tinnitus has greatly subsided.”

Further testimonials here:

See some of the techniques and insights here:



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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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