Your thought-forms, from which your ‘reality’ is projected, feel very real indeed. They feel wrought in iron, hard-edged, set-in-stone. Wholly justified and justifiable.

Now. Check in and see how much fear you are carrying as you are running with these thought-forms.

Now let us see what happens when you clear the fear.

(I have shared numerous techniques for how to do this here:

One way is the following:

Come out of the attractive display of the thoughts … into how you are FEELING. Allow how you are feeling fully, and breathe that into the Heart Centre whereupon the feeling will transmute (purify), and then be released on the outbreath.

Staying with the FEELINGS side of things (not thoughts) and keep clearing in that way, until you are done.

Or you can go directly to the fear, beyond all other emotions, and breathe that into the Heart/Pure Love for its dissolution and release.

Keep doing til there is practically zero fear.

Now how are your thought-forms?

As we become clear of fear our thoughts become more empowered, more full of love, of promise and potential, as a natural reflection of our Authentic Self.


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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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