Many people I have treated of late in my practice, despite their apparent cock-suredness and their adult social ‘finessing’, have a terrified inner child. 

That is, psychologically, that part of us that remains unhealed from childhood, that carries the scars of all the knock-backs and wounds from where a parent would give us a cross word, a look or word of disapproval or in some other way withdraw the warmth, love and surety a child naturally comes to expect. In extreme cases it could be a sudden withdrawal of love over a long period of time, or a physical beating(s) that seem(s) so outrageous and unjust to the confused child. 

These naturally, unconsciously, form the mind of the adult. When left unhealed, certain biases will be formed in our view of the world, so despite the ‘refined’ adult ornamentation, the unhealed child will often be the unconscious block or brake in our ability to really flourish. To that end, it needs to be healed and tended to. 

Let’s do that now.

One excellent way to heal the inner child is to close your eyes, and just simply, ‘energetically tune in’ to the inner child itself. What does it look like, how is it feeling?

Is it small? Is it scared? Be as honest in your appraisal as possible for we do not want to do half a job here.

Now see the child down some kind of deep pit, perhaps small, scared, hunched-up, trembling. Now let as much Light as you can into that pit, perhaps see the Light coming from a beautiful endless Sun somewhere above the pit. See the child growing in that Light, growing in stature, in fortitude, in age, in wisdom. See it being totally nurtured through the ages. As you keep pouring the Light in notice how the child is growing in sureness and take in all the healing it needs as it grows through the decades to your age now. Do not rush this, let the visualisation to go at its one pace. Do not let anything go unhealed.

Now the child is your age, see it as being the best possible version of you. The strongest version, the best version, however that is represented. Akin to a “Light” version of you. A version that is totally healed and Perfect. See it totally in Golden Light now and let that Light shine into all aspects of your mind.

Now dissolve all images in that Light.

How do you feel now?


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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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