It is endlessly fascinating working with Divinity to ascertain the unconscious layering of an individual’s psyche. I do this to see what the substructure is that is supporting and propagating an individual’s health issue. The idea being, if you can take away the noxious foundation-stones of one’s illness (be that illness physical or mental) it has no choice but to dissolve; many integrative healing and therapeutic disciplines agree on this, that it is repressed emotional scarring from our past that continues to transmit its echo into the present taking the form of emotional and physical dis-ease.


Therefore once we understand what is DRIVING the sickness – that is to say the unconscious and repressed memories of some painful event or experience, probably long since buried under life – and we are able to BRING THE LIGHT OF Divine / Non-Judgmental Awareness to it, the memory is re-viewed and can be harmlessly LET GO OF (which was the ancient meaning of the word ‘forgive’) into that healing Light. Light, Love and Non-judgmental Awareness transmutes all unto Itself.


How do we access these parts of the subconscious? I work with an aspect of Divinity [Holy Spirit ~ which is the Divine Part of our Mind] enquiring “What is it that [name of client] has to forgive here regarding [name of issue]?” Prompted by this question, sensations will arise in me pointing to what the ‘harm’ is [aggression from mother when client v young, disrespect from father etc etc], I will name it, the client will then agree and perhaps elaborate, and then I will bring Divine Light in to clear the memory. I then ask what the client then sees in the memory – as oftentimes the memory will have completely shifted to something benevolent from harmful.

Typically the issue is multi-layered but a great deal can be ‘unpacked’ in the space of an hour!

Once the punitive memory has been ‘cleaned’ and transmuted at that root-level wonderful transformations in the individual can then take place.


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Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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