It is wonderful when the penny drops for a client as to WHY they have had to go through such a significant life challenge; when the big picture is afforded them of what the deeper healing was really about. What the ‘Soul Learning’ was if you will. And it feels so much more than just a penny, more a shower of Golden Coins raining down on them from Heaven.

One such example of this ~ I was working with someone who was left by her partner 3 years previously and she was still not able to get over it 3 years on.

When we looked deeper into the CAUSE of this holding on, and asked Spirit what the ‘FORGIVENESS OPPORTUNITY’ was, the memory immediately came to her of her father, who had been a very loving presence until he left the family home when she was 3 to start up a new family.

The warmth and solidity of the father’s love was suddenly taken away and she was left with a feeling of jealousy, abandonment and ‘competition’ toward his new family. A particular searing hatred was felt toward the new woman in his life.

When the healing was done around this life-changing event at this young age, and Light was brought into her mind to clear all the pernicious memories and meanings a QUALITATIVE SHIFT happened in the way she PERCEIVED AND INTERPRETED that event. Suddenly, instead of her father feeling so distant and so cold, and instead of the new woman being the enemy, she saw them both taking great care of her, playing around, having fun, no enmity at all. The healing had resolved the punitive memory and had transformed it into something wholly BENEVOLENT.

When I asked her to think then about her recent partner that had left her, the MEANING she gave it was less severe – there was a definite SOFTENING toward him. There was however still this sense or ENERGY of abandonment that I could feel eventhough it was via Skype.

The energy of abandonment is deep in people, so I spent some time clearing this energy. 

After a little while of clearing a realization was given her: she said in amazement that she could see that that the whole thing had been set up for her, that she had met this person, that he was supposed to leave her SO SHE COULD HEAL HER FEAR AND ALL IDEAS AND CONCEPTS OF ABANDONMENT from her mind that had been laid down by her father those many years before. And in fact who’s to say that even the early event wasn’t set up at a high level for that part of her mind to be healed overall?

This was a wonderful realisation. That in short, certain events, experiences and people come into our lives as THEY ARE SHOWING US WHAT IS STILL TO BE HEALED IN US.

Once we look at it from that perspective and understand what the real healing is about, miracles can truly occur.


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