Just worked with a lovely guy who damaged his knee playing badminton last year and the knee was still very painful a good 6 months on. He had an intimation that there was an UNRESOLVED EMOTIONAL COMPONENT to it, because during his game his wife had been trying to call him for a couple of hours to explain something had happened between their daughter and her.

He felt great guilt that he hadn’t seen the calls, and it was this powerlessness and guilt that had lodged itself unconsciously with the knee injury in his mind and therefore body, and both held the other in place like a glue.

When I tuned into see what needed to be done, I explained that the guilt he was holding onto was keeping the problem in place, both with the situation in his family and likely his knee. The emotional and thought vibration we hold in us ripples out like a transmitter and keeps’like’ situations in place. That is to say – LIFE HAPPENS FROM US and NOT TO US; namely that we all need to make a shift from being victim of circumstance to dictator or creator of circumstance, by increasing our vibrational output.

I proceeded to flood the entire memory and situation with Golden Divine Light, took out all the guilt and then asked him, rather than to see his wife and daughter as victims of the situation, to see them AS THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE VERSION OF THEMSELVES, THE DIVINE VERSION. He said he saw an image of them almost angelically, with huge smiles, very confident, very happy, free, fearless.

After a few more techniques and powerful visualisations, he said “Oh my God, Dan, I’ve got to share something with you, I am able to cross my legs for the first time since the injury, the sharp pain has completely gone!”


If you have an ongoing chronic pain or condition, is there an emotional component to it, and if there is, can you clear it all out now?

If you would like to hear more about this let me know.



Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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