I have recently put together a very powerful healing paradigm that brings together quantum science, consciousness and Divinity. When you apply this technique it will give you a HUGE QUALITATIVE SHIFT in any aspect of your existence.

The technique was in no small part greatly inspired by the wonderful book The Physics of Consciousness which I started to read again a few weeks ago. The book was written by the great physicist Dr. Evan Harris Walker.

On reading it I was at once impressed by the clarity and illumination with which he brings together the wonderful idiosyncracies of quantum physics with Divinity and consciousness. [PS. Quantum physics is simply the study and appraisal of the most fundamental wave/particles that make us and the Universe up that behave in very particular, unusual ways.]

So here are the key principles that underpin this new healing technique ~ and later I will share the technique with you

1. Noone and nothing is disconnected – we are all connected and enmeshed through the quantum field at the subatomic particle/wave level. Our mind / consciousness / direct experience / the way we perceive a situation or person has a direct impact on that situation or person. Ie. we are not in a vacuum, separated by bodies.

2. The observer affects the subatomic make-up of that which is being observed (see above)-

3. The quality and type of observation ALSO has an effect – as evidenced by Dr. Masuro Emoto’s water crystallisation experiments To observe with hatred and anger causes one effect (asymmetry) and to observe with Absolute Love causes another completely different (perfect symmetry).

4. If our mind or consciousness has an affect on that which we are perceiving or observing and we can literally change the structure therefore of what we are thinking about, we better make sure we are perceiving it optimally to ensure the best outcomes.

4. (i) We can start to bring Divinity – our Divine Source/Essence – into play to collapse the original format of that which is in our minds (as we heal the within the without must follow) and recreate anew along the Divine Blueprint. As J says in ACIM: “It is when the therapist forgets to judge the patient that healing occurs”.

5. What are the aspects of our Divine Source we need to know here? Well, Divine or Perfect Love has 3 essential properties:

(a) It is infinite

(b) It is eternal

(c) It is maximal – this is particularly of note. What it means is that you can’t just have a ‘bit’ of Divine Love, you have to have the whole thing. It is maximally available, in every Now moment, to everyone. Its totality is key.


In order to bring about the miracle in the situation you are in, the process is extremely simple. WHATEVER IS IN YOUR MIND is the thing to be healed — be it pain, a disease, an event, an argument with someone, an ongoing conflict, a relationship, a problem with money, with men etc. The mind is EXTREMELY powerful in this regard – the mind/you/the situation are ONE. It is all coming from you, not happening to you.


By bringing ALL of Divine Love and ALL of Divine Light into ALL of the issue (as it is represented in your mind/direct experience) NOW, you optimally impact the situation itself as the two are really One. As you keep doing this to the situation you are healing it. Continue until you just feel complete peace.

The incentives are TWOFOLD:

1. You will feel complete peace

2. You never know how the miracle will play out in the situation itself – this is where the fun kicks in 🙂

Remember , the mind IS the situation you are mindful of.

So you can say, as a kind of ‘mantra’ “I am bringing ALL of Divine Love and ALL of Divine Light into ALL of this, Now” and then wait as you feel the effects of this mantra wash through you.

Let me know how you get on with this and do share any miracles.


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Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.


  1. ‘It is all coming from you, not happening to you.’
    ‘Remember , the mind IS the situation you are mindful of.’

    My word, how truth resonates! Thank you.

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