What you REALLY want, what REALLY turns you on (I don’t mean physically, but holistically, spiritually, everything-ly) is likely to be where Divine Will meets your will.

That is the true meaning of co-creation, where the Creator is creating through you, using you as the artist, the mechanism by which Heaven is brought to Earth.

So (a) What is it you REALLY want? To see / to do? To have?

Take a few mins to consider that and notice how it feels.

Then, in order to bring it into the manifest:

(a) SEE what you want .. allow the Vision to simply be there in your mind.

(b) Bring ALL of Divine Love and ALL of Divine Light into ALL of the vision, Now.

Keep doing this til you feel it has totally dissipated in Peace/Light (you will notice the difference in the way it feels in the body .. a kind of blissed-ness in the body).

I did this recently in an aspect of my life and something materialised the very next day which gave me the impression this is a good way of going about things!

Let me know your stories on this.


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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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