Consciousness is not housed within the brain, or body, or what we usually think of as the ‘mind’, but is all-pervasive and the very fabric of Universal inter-connecting grids of Light, energy and information (the essence of everything that exists) that is infinite in quality and type. The access points to the different parts of this grid are no more and no less than where you are choosing to focus your attention in the moment (habituated and strengthened over time), from the MOST fear-based and contracted and dark (ie away from the Light) to the MOST alive, alight, Love-based and all-Expanded (Divine).

What we have come to refer to as MORPHOGENETIC fields (see scientist Rupert Sheldrake’s work) ie. the fields of consciousness that become more and more dominant in the world the more people are plugged into them, (eg. the fear-mongery that our world news networks peddle) we have a choice of whether to remain plugged into that fear, thereby perpetuating and strengthening the field, OR chosing where we WANT to place our attention in our lives – strengthening more helpful fields instead. 

As these more helpful fields of awareness as Light, Energy & Information grow, they then become more of the DOMINANT field and more readily available to all.

The wonderful writer Melissa Joy Jonnson in her book “M-Joy, Practically Speaking – Matrix Energetics, Living Your Infinite Potential” brings this all to life wonderfully well. She explains most lucidly that ANY fear you have can be REDRESSED as the inverted LOVE that it actually is. For example, a fear of failure is actually a LOVE of performing well; a fear of rejection is a love of a wonderful, true, Soulful connection. The list goes on – perhaps you can artfully re-express your fear as the Love that it actually is now. A wonderful, self-perpetuating habit to get into.

The more you can shift out of fear to re-express it as the LOVE that it is, the more you improve the access points in these universal grids of awareness so that you can be a part of better quality information instead.

A highly recommended book.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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