From all the healing sessions that I have done over the past few years a few things have become very clear:

1. Deleterious incidents from our past etch themselves into our minds and nervous systems as a kind of CD that replays and replays in our adult life until we have understood which CD is playing and then removed it.

The replaying involves living out again and again a kind of projection from the former wound comparable experiences to that wound. E.g. if you were brought up in a house where the mother had to do everything as the dad was absent because he was dysfunctional in some way, there is a good chance you may ‘attract’ that in for yourself when you become an adult.

2. The only way out of this predicament is to see what the causes of the limiting issue are and to heal the causes. The causes are simply deleterious memories from our past that we need to clear.

3. We clear them by bringing in all of Divine Light / Love into them until they transmute and shift upward in frequency (from fear to Love)

4. Often in a healing session I start to notice the person I am working with’s past actually changes – the memories change completely, so that for example if the client’s past was characterised by a drunken father causing chaos and the mother not coping or being able to give love to the kids, suddenly the mother is being very peaceful, loving and present and the dad and her are getting on well and being a solid partnership.

This shows me that our past, when it remains UNhealed will continue to dictate its terms on our present and future. And when we heal it completely, life has no choice but to become very different!


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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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