There are certain people in life who make bringing their visions and desires into the material plane look effortless and easy (take people like Anthony Robbins or Richard Branson for example).

The LOVE of what they do outdoes, with ease, any fear or doubt they may have in executing the next deal, going for the next venture, giving the next speaker engagement etc.

Many of us have fear and flounder when it comes to taking the next step ~ or even the FIRST step ~ in setting up and doing something you love.

So I am going to share with you a very powerful TOOL to leverage your Higher Power and Wisdom to make what you want …. happen with great flow and ease and joy.

So one of the ways I teach it is the following. These are the basic tenets of the teaching:

->Time (eg future) is a MALLEABLE concept, not set-in-stone, so we can have a direct impact on how joyful or bountiful our future is, and fill it with what we want.

->We are powerful creators, creating all the time (however many of us create what we don’t want as that is what is in our minds, hearts and bodies more often than what we want)

->According to A Course In Miracles, all of time (including the future) has already happened, we are merely viewing it as if for the first time (this could be potentially a good explanation for prophetic insight and for deja vu for example). Therefore if all of time including future has already happened, we can choose the BEST version of that potential future for ourselves: if there are more than one potential timelines.

->How do we select the BEST FUTURE? Act as though IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED (because according to ACIM theory, it already has). So for example if you are very nervous about an upcoming meeting, you can GENUINELY say “Oh Wow, Thank God that went incredibly well” and then feel the truth of that statement wash through the body.

->I find if I use the statement “Thank God [‘future’ event put into past in glowing terms]” it is very powerful as I am harnessing God (your all-powerful Source of Love and possibility) bringing Him into your actions … as you are NOT a sole agent, regardless of how it feels but ALWAYS have Divine Power working with you.

->Do this with ALL aspects of your life: your relationships, career, wealth, health etc and get creative and inventive about how you use the *putting the future into the past in glowing terms* idea!

If you want more help with this please let me know.

I teach this and other life-evolution tricks and techniques as part of my 7-WEEK DEEP-HEALING & LIFE-TRANSFORMATION ONLINE / SKYPE COURSE. More details are found here and feel free to email me directly for an informal chat:

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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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