So this is the prayer/mantra that came to me the other week that I have been using for myself and for my clients with wonderful, profound, Divine results.

First, here is the background to the mantra.

It firstly incorporates the idea that it is when we DON’T WANT a feeling or dis-ease in the body that very opposing/not wanting can serve to keep the feeling/symptom there. What we don’t want is irresistible to us (think of turning a member of the opposite sex down, that can make you more attractive to him/her: that silly dance of the ego!!).

So when we try and turn away or not want to feel a feeling we have [say anxiety for example], that can serve to amplify it and promulgate it. Therefore doing the opposite (ALLOWING IT TO BE THERE) precipitates a clearing process.

The SECOND STEP takes advantage of the fact that our True Essence is Pure Light (synonymous with Pure Love) that comes from The Source of All of Light / Love) aka Divine Source, and that we can always bring more Light into the situation by virtue of who we are in our Essence. Light is infinite so it is in CONSTANT SUPPLY. Constantly available, in perpetuity.

So the mantra is, which is said to the feeling you have in the body:

“Let this feeling be there, and let there be more Light” (say it with definitive tone, as a ‘command’).

Now let the mantra do its thing. A clearing effect will be happening.
Perhaps you will feel more Light. Other sensations have been one of radiating, of expansion, of lots of giggling (in my case!!)

Now to the NEW feeling you have (OR to the residual of what is left of the old feeling) say the mantra again “Let this feeling be there, and let there be more Light”.

Do this as many times as you care to for maximum effect.

And do share your results 🙂

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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