PURPOSE OF THE COURSE: this course represents a unique opportunity to learn a large suite of powerful techniques and skills to take your life to the next level and to live with ever greater degrees of freedom, joy and clarity.

You will learn a large and powerful repertoire of healing and life-finessing techniques as well as receive healing from Dan to help embody the learning.

Week 1: 7 Techniques To Heal The Emotions – 90 minutes

7 techniques that will give you emotional mastery. No longer will emotions be dictating their terms (the tail wagging the dog) with fear leading the way. The techniques I will teach you will allow you to immediately clear any limiting or debilitating emotional state that comes your way to reveal a constantly empowered ground-state from which will arise right thought and right action.

The bottom-line here is: beneath whichever turbulent emotion you are feeling is pure peace and pure joy: your natural state which is forever accessible.

Week 2: Accessing & Healing The Unconscious Causes of Health Challenges & Limiting Beliefs- 1hr

It is widely recognised among the more integrative and intuitive healing disciplines that it is not the SYMPTOMS of a disease or of a limiting belief that is inherently interesting or important but the CAUSE of it, which lies DEEP IN THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND, largely due to emotional and psychological ‘wounding’ we receive in our earlier years.

These wounds when left unprocessed and unhealed can eventually become physical sickness and contribute to our fears and neuroses in adultlife.

There are 2 main techniques I teach to ACCESS and then HEAL the unconscious root-cause which can then collapse the sickness itself.

Week 3: Healing Our Key Relationships (Parents & Partners & Family etc) – 1hr

To the extent we still hold the wounds and scars from our childhood is to the extent we are limited by the programs that our parents and that overall environment projected onto and into us.

To the extent we clean ourselves totally from those wounds and limitations is to the extent we can be the Highest version of who we can be, which is limitless, fearless and totally joyful.

As we HEAL our perception of these key relationships, the benefits are maximal and are felt energetically by all.

Week 4: Healing The Inner Child | Exploring and Wiping Out Fear – 90 minutes

A 2-part session. The first part will be a very powerful inner-child healing process that came spontaneously to me during a healing session. We all still have the inner-child (the unloved child parts of us from the past) working away in us and acting up in certain situations (and perhaps always subconsciously). In order for us to grow into integration and completion as our Divine Self it is clearly integral to heal this part of us. The I.C. healing is then taken to its completion and there is an exciting twist to it!

The second part is looking DIRECTLY at what we are still afraid of in life. When we take our fears to their VERY core, and then know how to clear them at their core, we can begin to reclaim chunks of our natural birthright, which is total freedom.

Week 5: How To Access Our Soul Purpose | Powerful Manifestation – 1hr

Once you understand the purpose of why you are here, life can never be boring again. Purpose gives you a natural energy and you feel naturally bouyed by the Universe in your endeavours.

We are all here for a purpose and reason that transcend our ‘personal’ and limited ideas of why we think we are here (mere survival / propagation of the species). We can call it a Soul or Sacred Purpose. It is my skill and pleasure to help you ACCESS IT and LIVE IT.

In order to bring your SOUL VISION into manifestation, I will teach you a few techniques that are wonderful that will make the process quick, easy and great fun.

Week 6: Building a Thriving Business Out Of Our Life Purpose – 90 minutes

How to take your innate gifts, talents and interests to the marketplace. Your gifts have a natural target market who would benefit GREATLY from what you offer.

How to access prospective clients?

How to take your gifts to the market?

How to package and value them?

How to build and nurture an ever-expanding contact-base?

I have a 12-year background, before I became a healer and therapist, in corporate sales and strategy and have a fount of wisdom when it comes to (a) spotting your potential and (b) taking it to the market (c) nurturing a wonderful client-base (d) understanding what your different offerings may be.

Week 7: Overview of Key Divine and Spiritual Life-Giving Principles – 1hr

There are certain key Principles that you HAVE to know to make your time here on Earth beautiful and worthwhile while at the same time implement the Plan to the Highest Good of All.

I have been a ravenous scholar of A Course In Miracles so I can teach you the crystallised principles of: Who we Truly Are beyond the fiction of the body, who everyone else is, how to access Divine States and much more.


Throughout the 7 weeks

Dan will be available for any questions outside of ‘class-time’ as well as receive his ongoing support both during and after the program.

You will also be receiving WRITTEN MATERIAL and exercises to help embody the information

The sessions will be conducted via Skype, and ongoing dialogue via email / Skype / FB chat.

For more information please contact Dan on +44 77239 25056 or email dansainsbury.healing@gmail.com

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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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