Success: The Inner Game

You have a wonderful idea for a new business that is truly a labour of love. Finally, you make the leap to launch this business – let us say a healing or therapeutic practice – having decided once and for all to leave the salaried, corporate 9-5 dirge that was once your soulless prison for many years.

You perhaps believed in the early days that passion alone was going to be the fire for this new business and that that alone would see 1,000 clients form an orderly queue outside your doors. A few months or perhaps a couple of years in and clients are still only dripping in; the tills are still barely ringing in the way you would like them to. It feels like you are living hand-to-mouth at times, and there are periods of feast and then famine.

Before long the passion wanes and stress, fear and overwhelm kick in. It was never supposed to be like this. You start to have stretches of time where great swathes of fear are present, fear that the business is not generating enough income or a solid enough ‘sales pipeline’; fear that leads you to making very short-term, hair-brained decisions that do not come from a place of calm, insight or equanimity. Soon enough, inertia and procrastination kick in as you are not sure what to do any more to generate awareness and clients.

Does this sound like you?

I have been working with quite a few female entrepreneurs of late who have either made the decision to quit the salaried world to launch their passion-centric businesses or who are about to make the leap, but their inner game is COMPLETELY UNALIGNED WITH A SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME.

What I am largely seeing is a mindset that simply does not allow for an optimum outcome for their business, a mindset that is underpinned by the 3 great “spectres at the feast”: fear, doubt and concern.

You see: creating a sustainable, wealth-giving business is as much an INNER GAME as it is one of practicality. You can have all the sales and marketing skills in the world but if your INNER GAME is not poised, solid and optimally aligned with your highest desires, then sooner or later you will your company is based on sand, not mineral-enriched rock.

What do I mean by Inner Game?

The great sages say that the outer world can only be a reflection of the inner world, akin to a holographic projection that comes FROM you, not happening TO you.

We can also talk of MANIFESTATION here: we are manifesting and creating all the time, that is the nature of who we are, however when we create with the wrong scribe (fear) we end up miscreating: ie. bringing in more of what we do not want.

How do you Optimise the Inner Game To Allow For The Greatest Success?

For me this comes down to 3 things:


What is your Highest and Best Vision for your business? What is it you MOST want to achieve with it? What does success and happiness look like?

You need to consistently ask those questions, each and every day, to keep your sights (and therefore your heart and mind) set as High as possible. That is what is known as keeping your eyes on the prize.

For, where can you go without a Vision?

(2) What are the blocks to achieving that Vision?

The normal ones are: fear, doubt and concern (which have been mentioned) which appear in a myriad ways, such as overwhelm, procrastination etc. Do you have the techniques to CLEAR these 3 impostors? If not please send me a message via the email address below.

(3) Are you acting on your insights and inspiration to grow your business or are you playing it small?

When we are in a place of calm and ease our best insights and ‘right thought, right action’ come to us. However, ideas such as giving a public talk or seminar MAY come up, which give some people great discomfort. AND YET, it is often the things we are MOST uncomfortable with that can yield the greatest returns to our business. Giving a talk or seminar would fill many people with fear but if you are able to do that, and do it well, many good things will come to you.


Do you want to continue the conversation? Dan gives 20 free ‘Access & Implement Your Unique Roadmap To Success’ sessions a month on a first-come-first-served basis using crystal-clear success psychology and healing principles. To be considered for a free session, please send an email with “Success Blueprint” in the subject line and introduce yourself to


Dan Sainsbury works as a psychotherapist, healer and success coach with a global client-list. To find out more, go to

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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

2 thoughts on “Success: The Inner Game

  1. Great post Dan! I agree. I think because a lot of healers come from that place of love and compassion and wanting to help others, they sometime do not consider all the business aspects of running their practice. Great post and thanks for the insights! 🙂

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