The Key Tenets Of Success: And The 3 Impostors That Attempt To Deny It

Let’s face it, there are 1,000’s good sportsmen in the world in any given sport, the same as there are musicians, actors or entrepreneurs. But what about the EXCELLENT ones? The ones that truly stand out. Well, where ALL ELSE IS EQUAL, I believe where one can really get a good nose (if not more) in front is through the INNER-GAME we play.

That is, our ability to achieve and maintain certain internal ALPHA STATES:



To enjoy and engender and embody those states is to set you apart from the rest of the field and put you into a class of your own. Most of us have had it where we feel so good and unstoppable (as a friend of mine once put it “I have the world on a yo-yo today”) and that REALLY shows in our game that day – whatever that game is: be it at work, sport, art, socially etc.

I remember at the age of 15 where I had been playing a lot of cricket (for club, county and school) and I had my ‘eye-in’ and I was telling everyone a silly fib of how I had scored a 100 runs the day before at a club game. I am not sure why I told everyone that fib but it somehow fitted my mood that day, where I felt REALLY on top of my game: it was the morning of a school cricket match and we were just all congregating before the game. I somehow felt superhuman, or more charged than usual.

That day I went on to score about 74 runs (my highest total for a schools game) and some of my shots were extraordinary. One or two I had not played before (I didn’t even know I had them ‘in my locker’) to a point where even the opposition were applauding!


Another example of this, I was about 4 interviews in out of 5 for a new job I was going for in private equity many years ago, and I hadn’t slept and I felt that the usual charisma / knowledge was not going to cut it this time as I was so tired. I had nothing to fall back on and I thought it was going to be a write-off.

Then, out of nowhere (perhaps a kind, Divine hand came through) an image came into my mind of all of us laughing and joking in the interview room. So I thought, yeah, screw all the knowledge and technical skill now, let’s just have a laugh and get on in the human way. And sure enough that is exactly what happened.


So if success is as much an INNER GAME as it is a skills one (how many people do you know that are so talented but have zero belief in themselves?) what are the things we can do to attain these alpha states?

Well the first thing we can do EASILY, is to delete the 3 ‘impostors’:


Because, eventhough they may be well-intentioned, they are seriously a crock. They prevent more things from being achieved and more joy from being attained than anything else.

The process I use to delete F, D & C (as I call them) is simply, whenever I have something coming up I want to succeed in, I “check-in” with myself as I want the BEST OUTCOME for something, not a watered down version of myself. I “check-in” and say:

“Is there fear, doubt and concern here?”

Because if there is, that can SERIOUSLY warp your results — not just in an IMPAIRED PERFORMANCE kind of way but the wider Law Of Manifestation way. Your very images you have in your mind coupled with the way you feel about something IMPACT that very thing across the quantum field of collective consciousness.

So be careful WHAT you hold in your mind in reference to something.

As Albert Einstein said, WHATEVER RESULT YOU EXPECT YOU CAN BIAS THE RESULT IN THAT WAY ~ that is how powerful the mind is.

So to clear the F,D and C, simply say to it:

“I am bringing ALL of Divine Light into all of this now”

And that will clear it. Perhaps say it once or twice more to assure the job is done.


1. What is your Highest Vision for yourself in this particular event or situation?

= What is it you most want to achieve? What is the BEST thing that could happen?

SEE that take place in your mind. How does that make you feel?

2. Have you cleared ALL the F, D & C?

3. Practice / Continuous Improvement to your game

4. Move toward goal

5. Enjoy it all, journey AND event/outcome


If you have a particular block you would like to clear to your own success or happiness, feel free to schedule a complimentary introductory chat with Dan just by clicking here:

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