The Allure Of Limiting Beliefs: They Are Not True You Know!

“He’ll never like me”
“I’m rubbish at sport”
“I crumble in job interviews”
“All men are b*stards”

The first problem with limiting beliefs is that we do not know they are limiting beliefs. We think they are true. So subtle are they in their persuasion and they have been “part of the furniture” for so long that we believe them to be completely true. We take them as cold, hard fact. Like fear, however, under the gentle light of mature scrutiny (and a few solid healing techniques!), they are entirely malleable and shiftable. Completely deleteable in fact to make way for something entirely more helpful.

The other problem with LB’s is that they end up becoming true for the owner. We become so wed to them and to our expectations of them that we do not realise that we are projecting them onto otherwise neutral events, situations or fellow humans (“you see, I told you, all men ARE b*stards!”).

HOWEVER – a good rule of thumb which sorts the wheat of truth from the chaff of .. ‘your truth’ is: if it is NOT TRUE FOR EVERYONE it is not TRUE at all. If it is not universally true, it is simply a limiting belief and they we can clear.

So, LB’s are very subtle, subtly trying to stick around, proving their truth to you all the time; as we fall for them it creates a form of self-fulfilling prophesy and cycle.

What gives LB’s away is the EMOTION that underpins them – FEAR.

If fear is there, then that is another hallmark that it is simply an LB and not perfectly true. We notice that, as we clear the fear totally, the belief simply deletes itself and is replaced (naturally) by something that is MUCH more expansive and helpful (“Oh, well maybe not all men are b*stards, ah yeah maybe there are some great ones out there etc”).



So take an LB that you would love not to be there anymore, that you have about yourself or an aspect of the world. It could be something like:

“I will never meet the ‘one'” or “People always walk all over me”

1. Know it is not universally true therefore it is ‘BS’ ie. a belief system!

Name it here _____________________________ .

2. Notice the emotion of fear surrounding it. Fear is the engine keeping the belief in play.

Where do you feel the fear (or similar emotion) in the body?


What level of intensity is it /10? ________________________

3. Now to the fear say:

“I am bringing all of Divine Light into all of this fear, now”

Then wait for that to have its effects. Now repeat to what is left of the fear. And once more.

What do you notice has happened to the fear?

And what has happened to the belief?

Can you see now that the fear is correlated with the belief?

Is there a new belief arising in the place of the old one?

Continue until the fear is at zero.

Homework for this next week: Every time you notice yourself falling for a belief that is not helpful or loving, stop, check yourself and do the above steps. And let me know how you get on.


“Collapsing And Deleting Limiting Beliefs” is part of Dan Sainsbury’s 7 week Life Transformation program which he is currently accepting new students for. The program is conducted 1:1, in person, via Skype.

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