Each of us has a ‘core wound’ ~ a deep sense of frailty or vulnerability that has a “life or death” survivability hue about it, a wound so hideous that we have to build many psychological ramparts around it in our journey to adulthood so that we do not have to feel it or experience it.  So many sophisticated layers have we put between us and the core wound that, thankfully, we do not always have to feel it or admit it is there.

Perhaps we lose ourselves in activity or some kind of ‘purposefulness’ or ‘busyness’ OR we create ornate sophisticated social peacock-feathers like ornamented social skill or humour to win people over so that neither you nor they need to know the truth of what is lurking there. That “oh please like me, please don’t leave me” subtle and core vibration. Do you have that? Will you admit to it?

The core wound ~ perhaps the idea that we are not good enough, or loveable enough, that shrill pain-voice of self-criticism that arises when we least want it to, a feeling of primal fear ~ when left untreated can proliferate into any number of defensive strategies, or offensive ones: disorders like OCD or severe social anxiety. All emanate from this deeper wound.

Which is why it is fundamental for our own AUTHENTIC TRANSFORMATION that we heal this wound not just partially but 100%. Because if you leave it, before long it will be activated, if it has not been already. The core wound does not allow you to fully be yourself, to fully be comfortable – genuinely so – in the parameters of your own flesh. Instead it obliges you to view the world through its heavily distorted lens.

The question is HOW to heal the core wound?

Well before we get on to that — a quick question for you. How FREE would you be if you did not have this wound, at all?

What would your life be like if you never had a phobia again, or some need to please or HAVE NO FEAR THAT SOMEONE WAS GOING TO LEAVE YOU?

How would it be if you were always clear, coherent, congruent and ‘vib-ing’ with you Higher Self?  If you were empowered by your own Divinity rather than screwed by this inner energy?

I have a solution for you. And for the first 20 who book a session with me I can give you a road-map outta here to the bliss you have been wanting. And if you really want I can clear this wound for you completely.

These first 20 must also book by the end of August. There is no delay to clear this you see. No delay is tolerated!

Book here: the ‘strategy chat’ is free:

Remember this offer is only available for August 2015.

A couple of recent comments from former clients:

“P.S. To anyone reading this; A session with Dan is a marvelous experience wink emoticon This fellow is an amazing facillitator and will help you move mountains! Peace..” Tatiela Laake, USA

I can agree on the comment ^^. A session (or more) with Dan is a special experience.” Valerija Tesic, Sweden

To your very best,

Dan Sainsbury Healer

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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