Fear is the biggest miscreant on the planet. It uses its faux ink to write narratives that simply are based on hot air and dare I say, horse shi*.

Fear is the dark mist that uses mass-hoodwinkery to connive and devise scripts and its ability to APPEAR COMPLETELY REAL to persuade you to stay small, limited and at the mercy of the elements. It uses itself to stop you from doing exactly what you are here on the planet to do.

No more I say! Take a stand. Notice how pathetic fear has made you in the past, notice how much of a liar it is. How many times have you been afraid of something, an upcoming event or exam for example AND YOU ARE STILL HERE! It is a false prophet, all bark and no bite.

The TRICK THEREFORE IS: to use the FEELING of fear as YOUR CUE to clear it immediately.

The more FEAR YOU CAN CLEAR the more you will uncover the delightful power that is lying waiting for you underneath it. Not a power to rule others but a power to bask in something glorious, which is the Light of your true self. That Light you will use to empower others by making them aware of their Light too.

So you will be wanting a healing technique to clear the fear in a rapid, transformative way, correct?This I can do: simply book a free call in here and we can chat ~

To your very best.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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