Some of the biggest pain and biggest complexity that we face in life is in the realm of relationships. If you see someone bawling their eyes out in public, at a party for example, or even in the street, it is rarely that someone has just died, it is usually that someone has just left them or about to leave them.

The pain of rejection, of abandonment, is some of the most hallowed and deep pain in the human experience; some say it is because it is redolent and reflective of the first split we had (seemingly) from our Creator. But let us not stray into the ontological just yet; let us stick with what we know for now.

As we progress through adulthood picking up relationship wounds and knocks and injuries along the way, the mind does not forget these and stores them in an ‘account’ that says “proceed with caution”. Like the elephant, we have a long memory (though this can be often subtle and subconscious) for that which has caused us massive pain in the past and as a result we can end up becoming quasi-PHOBIC about relationships. We become FEAR-BASED about them. We end up projecting massively over our next and future lovers based on this past pain and these past reference-points or wound-points. Past pain causes widespread generalisation you see.

The problem is – and I see this WIDELY in many clients – we have all these wonderful ideas of what relationship we would like but JUST ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THIS DESIRE is acute fear that we will be hurt by this perfect man or woman. So we are partially open and hopeful but hugely blocked and armoured which is not REALLY the most attractive version of yourself. And so you may attract in ANOTHER sub-optimal relationship that may start well then shift hugely into drama again. 3 weeks of honeymoon period (maybe even 3 months!) then the RISE OF THE EGO again!

All of this of course is a perfect REFLECTION of our past: the way our parents interacted with each other and the way they acted with you as a child. Father distant and emotionally unavailable? Well then typically you will attract that kind of man. Mother loving ONLY when she first got what she wanted. Same thing will happen with the women you attract.

So ~ as you can see, the relationship issue is fraught with challenge and complexity.

HOWEVER, there is a solution and I am able to cut ALL THE WAY THROUGH THIS with you to put you in an OPTIMAL POSITION for a beautiful, synergistic, mutually-empowering relationship.

This is broadly done in 3 stages.

Stage 1. I will energetically heal and clear the wound you have ~ this wound is simply an energetic imprint or expression of all past encounters, pains and associations with relationship.

Stage 2. Healing your relationship with your mother, father and the relationship they had together (past AND present) ~ this is done simply at your mind level, and heals and uproots the past programs that have dictated your EXPECTATIONS and ideas of what a relationship is. The more loving you are, the less fear you have, the less judgment the more liberating and marvellous the relationship.

Stage 3. ‘Manifestation’ or ‘Wo-manifestation’ ie. attracting the perfect mate ~ the first step in this to know what the perfect relationship is for you. What is ideal? Furthermore, If the perfect man or woman came through your door now, took your hand and looked deeply in your eyes with love, how would you react or respond? Is there fear, doubt or concern? Disbelief, a feeling of non-deservedness?

Could you handle it? “Man/womanifestation” is about knowing the Vision of the perfect relationship and taking out ALL fear, doubt and concern and being perfectly in love and aligned with the Vision.

NEXT STEP: If you would LOVE to heal the relationship wound once and for all, first step is to have an initial free-of-charge, no obligation chat with me by selecting a convenient time here ~


To your very best.


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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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