Future Optimisation | Beginning With The End In Mind | What is the Perfect Outcome?

When you are embarking on a project, when you are embarking on anything, they say to ‘begin with the end in mind’. You do this to KNOW what you are aiming for before starting. The end-point provides the ‘North Star’ that you navigate by. When you do not do this you are more likely to get caught in the rough and not be able to see the wood for the trees. When you do not do this, overwhelm and obfuscation become your bedfellows.

WELL TRUE ENOUGH, but let’s go further than that, and ask, what is the PERFECT OUTCOME for the project?

When you ask that question, something else happens. When you ask that question, you are activating the GENIUS WITHIN that will fill you with the answers to that question. The mind loves a question, so you may as well make it a quality one. When you ask that question, you will be given nothing less than the highest vision for the project, and what’s more your mind and body will be pumped with the endorphins of a happy and successful completion NOW, BEFORE it takes place. See, the mind cannot tell between past, present and future, between real and imagined. It is just creating images all the time which you heed as truth. So again, you may as well make them good images.

In asking this question “What is the Perfect Outcome here?” you begin to live and breathe success you KNOW success before the event or project has taken place.

That is great, you see, as you will be a walking-talking model of happiness and success which will RE-CONSTELLATE the universe in such a way that whatever you touch will turn to gold. Why? Because when you get yourself into phenomenal states, there is a ripple-effect that comes off you that creates new worlds of possibly. Everything and everyone is affected in its midst. Why? Because we are beacons of consciousness. Broadcast poor me .. poor me events will happen to you. Broadcast power, happiness, success, the Universe bends to your will. But ONLY if it is aligned with a greater good. 

BUT THEN, you need to know how to clear and navigate around the 3 human stooges ~ fear, doubt and concern. Get rid of them (if you don’t know how, email me). Get rid of them 100%. They know nothing and are just pitiful naysayers. You don’t need them.

This is HIGHLY POWERFUL knowledge. EVEN MORE POWERFUL when you actually implement it.

So let us now take this question a stage further.

What happens when you ask the question:

“What is the perfect outcome for my entire existence?”

What is the answer? Great .. then do it now. Make a start.


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To your very best,


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