The Importance Of Maintaining Energy Robustness

One of my clients yesterday was afraid that a potential client of hers was going to take her out of her positive energy state. She was afraid of picking up the phone to him in case his anxiety was going to affect her and make her anxious and therefore the call was not going to go ‘as planned’.

She asked me what the best thing to do is.

I explained that the person with the STRONGER energy will prevail, ie. if YOUR happiness and upbeatedness is VERY strong and rooted and authentic, MUCH more than HIS anxiety (which let’s face it may be very fleeting) YOUR happiness will take over HIS energy and he will come off the call feeling great, and will likely not know why.

Look at it like this. We are invisible spheres of subtle energy. If you are with someone with seething anger, even if they are not VISIBLY angry, you will likely come away from the meeting feeling tired and drained and perhaps a little spikey. If you are with someone who is AUTHENTICALLY happy and loving and upbeat, you will likely come away feeling amazing.

This is also called energy entrainment.

There are MANY energetically sensitive people out there who to my mind have become very “ENERGETICALLY PRECIOUS”, meaning they risk becoming hermits as they become too afraid to come out of their blissful state. But this is not real life. We HAVE to venture out of the meditation cave and be around people of all energetic hues. THIS is the real work and THIS is how we heal others (without them knowing it!)

So RATHER THAN SHUN negative people YOU CAN ACTUALLY AFFECT their energy highly benevolently by maintaining yours in an Optimal and High Position.

How do you do that? How do you maintain genuine Light and Love in the body and mind, let’s say when you are having a ‘bad day’ and REALLY root this in? HOW do you maintain YOUR strong energetic position even though the other person may be in a really crappy mood? HOW do you not let them affect you?

This is a HIGHLY interesting topic and I have much to share on it.

To that end for the next 3 weeks I am going to give the first 30 that sign up a free session on this very subject. I will give you the governing principles and THEN a very powerful tool.

Are you up for that?

If you want this first session free and want to be 1 of the 30 please book yourself in here asap:

To your very best!

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