Relationships REALLY do a great job in activating the “Am I good enough? Am I really loveable enough?” program, wouldn’t you agree?

When you really fall for someone, particularly in the early stages of a relationship, it can act as a highly penetrative search-light for all the dark crevasses and cracks that are ordinarily kept subconscious within — those cracks we would really rather not have to look at much less have our beloved see.

Those early stages act as a white-heat for all those self-beliefs that we maintain, that are of the less-than-favourable hue:

“He’s not going to like all of me, every aspect of me”

“She’ll run a mile if she knew I thought THIS about myself”

And all the self-oriented ‘mantra’ of that type.

It can be a highly precarious time, agreed?

At this point, insecurities can launch into overdrive and this can be a very painful challenging experience.

If you are fortunate, your partner will remain firm in his/her Love for you and shine a constant Light of precious non-judgment and this itself, depending on the FORCE of that Love, can blast RIGHT THROUGH any hard-edged substrata rock within your self.

My question for you today is:

How many of you would LOVE to be done with this precariousness, this wound, once and for all?

How FREE would you be if you NEVER had to go through this ever again?

How unbridled would your JOY be if you could simply LOVE and receive LOVE, BE love without thought?

If this sounds like you, I would love to hear from you as this is a wound I love to clear. And let’s face it, a wound that HAS to go sooner or later!

Because a relationship that is based PURELY on Love where there is NO fear or insecurity is a HIGHLY POWERFUL phenomena that can have a ripple effect across all humanity. And that is no hyperbole.

I am doing personal 1-on-1 sessions on this very subject currently and our first chat / consultation is “on the house” with no obligation on your side to proceed with any more.

If you want this, inbox me right away. There is absolutely no value in delaying this, would you agree?

Founder of H.A.L.O. Healing & Life Optimisation techniques and principles 

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.


  1. Dan, what a great blog. I was just thinking something similar this morning. My husband and I have lived mostly independently away from each other (due to work) since we first were married but in March he retired and we are together all the time. In the past it was easy to avoid real conversation where we had to understand the other but now not so much. Also we are renovating an old farm house so communication is required. I often wonder why I get so defensive when I am trying to explain something I am thinking. It is nothing he is doing but something within me. 1. I expect him not to agree or understand; 2. No one ever understand me is the internal message, etc, etc… Once, I looked within understood some of my deeply buried scars related to communicating to others then I was able to stand back during conversations and objectively deal with what was really within me. Conversations are now real dialogue. He also realizes he needs to communicate differently so it works both ways but once I can explain me and my reactions not having to do with him then he was able to look within. And there is the question you taught me, “How does this situation look in the best situation possible?” Thanks for your work and impact it has had on me and my relationships.

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