The Only Worthwhile Change Is Made At The Level Of The Mind

When we are pulled this way and that by the sharp jolts and knocks of the world, it is worthwhile remembering that you are not AT THE EFFECT of the world, rather you are the CAUSE of it. The world, you see, is nothing more than a mind-derived holographic projection that comes from deep within you.

This, as you can appreciate, has very deep implications as it does nothing less than give you the complete control-panel to create lasting, qualitative change in your life. In short, MIND IS CAUSE, and the world – and everything in it – its effect.

This means that you can change what appears on the ‘screen’ of the world, not by ‘rearranging the furniture in a burning house’ but by making the shifts in you, in your mind. Change the within and the without naturally realigns to your new shift. Following me so far?

This is nothing less than an ENTIRE REVERSAL of the incumbent ‘thought-system of the world’. If you want to make wholesale, meaningful shifts in your life, it HAS to be done at the CAUSE level otherwise you are just moving stuff around.

When one makes changes first OUTSIDE of the self without making the necessary adjustments within, then the projected contents may APPEAR to be different but inherently they will be the same. Your relationships may APPEAR to be different but the content will be the same. Same goes for jobs etc etc.

So all impactful, meaningful changes happens at the level of source, of cause, which is in your mind.

This is great news as it brings ALL POWER back to you – deep within you is the Light that can heal and change EVERYTHING in your life. And in countless other lives too.

Once you have experienced this ability to flick a light-switch on within and notice how things necessarily show up differently without, no more is it possible to BLAME – which is effectively to CEDE RESPONSIBILITY to someone or something else. No longer can you yell and shout and shake your fist at a politician, a corporation, your husband, your health, as ALL results from within your mind. YES – that is how powerful we are all. We literally have the keys to change everything now in a heart-beat if enough of us leverage this Sovereign Power Within.

In fact, one of your most exquisite functions here is to KNOW you are the Light of the world like many ‘masters’ before have done. When you embody this and become it, that is when great shifts happen. And what greater thing can you do with your finite life span here than to REALISE this Divinity Within?


All very well: so the next pertinent question is: “How do I make the profound change at the level of the mind?”

Well, there are a number of ways which I am very happy to share with you, and this be given you to allow you to make HUGE shifts in the areas of:

*Attracting a partner and having a beautiful relationship

*Wealth creation based on love and meaning

*Achieving more vibrant health, wellbeing and happiness

*Any other area you want to see profoundly improve

When you do something different with the levers of the mind, quite simply the world / life is projected differently.

So, what is the next step?

Please find a convenient 30 minute Skype slot with me here stating clearly what you would most like to work on. I will then give you a tool, a technique which will start allowing you to make beautiful, elegant changes RIGHT AWAY:

Please share this with anyone you would love to share it with.

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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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