How To Overcome ANY Life Challenge

For as long as we inhabit a human “meat-suit”, that is live in a body, we will be confronted by a sequence of challenges in our life that can take a multitude of forms: health, economic, relational and the like.


The degree to which we are (a) able to overcome the challenge and (b) as important, how we view the challenge is all important for our growth and evolution into the best version of ourselves during our life-time here.


One who shies away from a challenge will simply retract further and further into a supposed “comfort-zone” to very quickly realise that the comfort zone is no more than a zone for stagnation.
That one that shies away from a challenge will never know how strong they really are: knowledge that only comes on the other side of the challenge.

The challenge IS the golden chalice, you see, for your maximal growth here.


The other who sees a challenge in the same way as an omnivore would salivate at a freshly-cooked burger with all the toppings knows (at least unconsciously) that the challenge is here to allow him/her to grow into a larger and more powerful version of themselves. A life that is characterised by growth, evolution, love, strength and passion.


So how do you view your life challenges?


Do you cower at their seeming enormity, quivering like a timid mouse would in the shadows of an enormous cat?


Or do you see them as simply the next thing to tick off the list on the way to living your Highest Vision for yourself here on the planet?


Here, I give you a wonderful roadmap to allow YOU to overcome your key challenges, by activating your inner omniscience and power. This process will take you from ‘victim’ mode to ‘victor’ mode.

Answer these questions, and simply allow the answers to come to you.

1. What is your biggest challenge in your life?


2. What is the best thing that can possibly happen regarding [..]?

So for example, let’s say you answered “Health” in Q1 or you were more specific “my thyroid dysfunction” you would phrase Q2 neutrally or positively (ie NOT use the word dysfunction or disorder)


2. “What is the very best thing that CAN HAPPEN re my health?” “or re my thyroid?”

Now simply let the answer come. Note it here:


Ask question 2. again, to flush out more “best outcomes” for overcoming this challenge:


What we are doing here is using the POWER OF THE MIND to SEE and EXPERIENCE the very best outcome for this issue, now. This is the BEGINNING PART of a successful ‘campaign’ to heal the issue. As it allows the MIND (which governs the body) to have a beautiful direct experience of what will happen AT THE OTHER SIDE of the challenge.

It gives an inspired target.

And it sets in motion IN THE MIND the idea that this is going to happen.

You are essentially directing the mind to carry out a healing process and the body – the orchestra of cells – follows your wonderful conducting!

And of course, you can do this for ANY challenge: not just health, but also regarding work, or life generally, anything.

Let’s now complete the process:

Your answer to Q 2. may be:

“That I am completely free of the thyroid issue, I am completely strong and full of vibrant energy”


3. What is the VERY BEST WAY to be completely free of the thyroid issue?


What is the very best way to be completely strong and full of energy?


Let the answers come naturally to you when you ask the question.

Ask the question(s) again to provoke more answers.

For example:

“I seek out and ingest only the very best nutrition for myself, I exercise 4-5 times a week, I use positive visualisation to SEE myself TOTALLY healthy and free of this issue”


4. What is the very best way to seek out and ingest only the very best nutrition for myself?

(ask also for ‘exercise 4-5 times a week, visualisation’ whatever came in your answer for 3.)



“I research the best nutrition to support optimal thyroid function, I write down all the foods that are optimal for thyroid functioning and for overall a highly nutritious diet and ONLY eat these materials. I cut out caffeine, sugar and wheat”

“I run round the park 4 times a week and swim one time a week and do weights at my gym”


5. When is the best TIME to do each of these things?

Research: NOW

Exercise: Tue 2pm, Wed 6pm etc etc

Visualisation: after breakfast, again 4pm etc


So to recap, this is a 4-STEP PROCESS to help you to OVERCOME EACH of your life challenges.

The 4 steps are:

STEP 1. Creation of VISION for what it looks like when the challenge is solved / healed.

The mind, and then therefore the body, responds very well to this question (Q2). It is the starting point to get the ball rolling to heal the issue. It is based on the fundamental success principle of beginning with the end in mind.

STEP 2. Creation of best STRATEGY so you know HOW to fulfill the vision.

STEP 3. HONING of Strategy to make it precise, easy and actionable.

STEP 4. IMPLEMENTATION of strategy, so you know when and where to do it.

This can be diarised.

Then of course it is simply about doing it, and enjoying the wonderful experience as you do so, ALWAYS COMING BACK to your ultimate vision in all this to keep propelling you toward the inspired target.

You will also love the progress that you make over the weeks, as you make the changes in your life which will cause the vision to materialise. Some changes you will notice almost immediately, others more gradually. If you waver, or struggle, simply come back to the questions:

“What is the best thing that can possibly happen regarding [this issue]?” [VISION]

“What is the very best way to make that happen?” [STRATEGY]

“When is the very best time to do this?” [IMPLEMENTATION]

This process has been adapted from Dan Sainsbury’s Life Healing And Transformation Program “From Problem To Paradise”, a 90-day program that is conducted with Dan 1-on-1 where he takes you from where you currently are to where you most want to be.

To see if you would benefit from working with Dan to heal and solve your challenges, please schedule a (complimentary) Insight Session with him here:



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