Do Your Daily Routines Have Anything To Do With Your Life-Goals?

It is staggering, but testament to how deeply embedded and unconscious our daily habits become, QUITE HOW OFTEN what we do in the day, how we fill our day, is NOT AT ALL aligned with what we want to achieve in our life.

A very obvious example of this would be someone who wants to be fit and well but lives a primarily sedentary lifestyle and gets out of breath walking to the fridge.

But enough of the flippancy.

Let’s say one of your goals is OPTIMUM HEALTH & WELLBEING.

What do you ACTUALLY DO in the day, and on a daily basis, that supports and generates optimum health and wellbeing?

What are the daily rituals (THAT MAY FEEL TOUGH OR ODD AT FIRST) that you actually perform that allow you to hit that target?

WHY is that one of your goals?

What is so important about that goal? (If the WHY is huge, the motivation is far more bountiful).

In an interview with over 200 leading performers in different fields (sport, music, business, entertainment etc), Tim Ferris – himself an exceptional performer – found there were RECURRING PATTERNS in the daily activities of these people.

And very often MINDSETS are created and cultivated, not necessarily “hard-wired”.

Over 90% had a morning routine that looked a little like this:

  • Absolutely NO email for the first hour
  • Some form of meditation for at least 20 minutes. Getting exceptionally quiet in the mind and body.
  • Finding at least 3 reasons to feel grateful (the EMBODIMENT and frequency of gratitude provokes more reasons to be grateful – a kind of miracle-magnet if you will) and not stopping til you find them.
  • VISION work. What do you most want to achieve that day / week / year / life etc?

On top of this, I am finding more and more, now that our bodies are less dense and taking on more Light, the same eating and drinking and lifestyle habits we had before (over-caffeination, sugar, alcohol etc) simply do not work anymore.

So as many nutrients and high quality supplements into the body as is optimal.

What To Do Now:

Take a pen and paper. Find 10-15 mins to get quiet and carry out this exercise:

  1. What is the very best thing that CAN HAPPEN in your life? Let the answers come naturally to you. Feel free to ask the question again to provoke more answers.
  2. What do you most want to happen in your life?
  3. What are the very best things you can do support those goals?
  4. What is the best way to measure progress?
  5. How will you know when you have succeeded?

Over To You:

I am more than happy to support you in becoming the very best version of yourself over a course of weeks and months.

If you would be interested in this support, and would like to know what it looks like, please book a complimentary intro session here and we can chat over Skype:


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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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