Where Quantum Physics Meets Healing: Science And The Sacred Becoming One

I remember, long ago, about 1998, I was at the time studying Modern Languages at University (French & Spanish) and we had to read and translate newspaper articles so that they could be discussed or written about in the next class.

This one fairly turgid and weighty article in a French newspaper was on a subject I had not really come across before – the “battle” between science and spirituality. I was not consciously “spiritual” at the time, at least I had no firm belief or understanding of a Divinity, but my immediate thought upon reading that idea was that: why couldn’t science and spirituality combine? Why could they not interweave in some way? Why did they have to be at odds with each other?

If science really only means the ability to measure something and to be EMPIRICAL, then why is it not possible to MEASURE certain aspects of spirituality and be empirical in the pursuit and enjoyment of spiritual “data”?

Thankfully now, many years on, I have always been highly empirical and NEED evidence and direct experience for me to believe and then enjoy and invest in something, and so it has been on my path to understand the greater universal truths and the truths related to “Soul” or “Spirit” and “Divinity”.

I guess I am quite unusual in that my nature is quite academic and scientific yet I greatly enjoy healing work.


And so it could be said in fact that the most leading-edge aspect of scienceĀ – Quantum Physics (the study of subatomic particles, how they behave and respond to each other and how they are the sub-structure of everything in the Universe, including you and I) explains the nature of instantaneous healing of the body and the mind – as I have witnessed SO many times in my healing practice.

You see quantum physics is about the waves of PROBABILITY that compose everything and not something that is LINEAR or FIXED. It is only the MEASUREMENT AND OBSERVATION of those waves that collapse them into a PARTICLE.

What that means is, that pain you feel in your body right now, is only there now when you observe it there. The very observation of it FIXES it into a particular shape of particles that we call ‘pain’. When you now LOOK at it then CEASE looking [knowing it only exists through you “observing it there”], it fades.

Now come back to the original pain – what is it like now?

Now repeat the process:

  1. Observe the pain – know that it is only there as you have OBSERVED it there
  2. Pull your observation off the pain to something else entirely; say something like “it is not really there”.
  3. What has happened to the pain now?

Try it and let me know how you get on.

Feel free to contact me with any comments or observations.



If you would like a direct experience of my healing ability you can book a session via email dansainsbury.healing@gmail.com

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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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