Emotional Suppression, The Psychological Hidden Root-Cause Of Illness and The Directive of Self-Love

I am currently devouring an EXCEPTIONAL book by the wonderful physician Dr. Gabor Maté, called “When The Body Says No: Exploring The Stress-Disease Connection”. A physician of great repute, Maté has seen in his clinic so many examples of how when an individual is not able to say No to others OR to their unbearable life-situation, in the end the body says No for them, in the form of disease.

Of equal significance in the book, the theme that keeps recurring as the single-biggest cause of disease, is the risk of SUPPRESSING emotions that are in the body. When we regularly and consistently DENY the feelings that are in the body — feelings like rage, anger, sadness, disappointment, WHATEVER the hue of feeling — then that has a pronounced physiological effect.

Alas it is not made easy for us as in our society we have a very difficult relationship with very natural human emotions such as anger and sadness and this starts from a very early age. As children if we display these emotions, very often that can trigger the unmet and unhealed shadow of our parents which invokes THEIR rage, sadness etc. And so the shadow is extended down the generation, which in the end gives rise to these diseases.

SO – THAT IS ALL VERY WELL .. but as you know I am a man about SOLUTIONS. So what is the solution for all of this?

On the flight on the way back from a phenomenal week at a fitness retreat, I had enough time to (a) study this material (b) have an INSIGHT emerge and (c) come with a SOLUTION.

So. Let us do that now. It is a solution to do the OPPOSITE to suppression.

Totally counter-intuitive to our societal conditioning and also to our evolutionary programming of avoiding discomfort.

Here we go:


a. What emotion are you suppressing right now? What are you suppressing in this moment?

b. Notice the feeling / the emotion, ALLOW IT TO BE, let it rise up the body on the inbreath into the Heart Centre, til you feel it release. Then relax on the outbreath.

Repeat the above steps until what you were suppressing has gone or markedly diminished.

How do you feel now?



The other WONDERFUL part of the book was a case of a woman with ALS, an awful degenerative neurological disease that ravages the body’s natural ability to move, who became nearly paralysed with the condition. Stephen Hawking is a famous example.

She decided one day, after describing her state as that of a “bowl of jello in a wheelchair” that she was going to LOVE HERSELF COMPLETELY despite the condition; as she had never experienced UNCONDITIONAL SELF-LOVE in her life. She wanted to know what unconditional self-love felt like.

So for 15 minutes every day she took one part of the body and loved it unconditionally. After a while, little by little, each part of her body “unfroze” under her wholly loving gaze.

It is not much of a stretch to see that unconditional love is the engine-room for the miracle to occur.


Which part of the body does not work optimally for you right now?

Which part of yourself, your character, are you not happy with?

Spend 15 minutes EACH DAY directing UNCONDITIONAL LOVE into these parts. Really feel COMPLETE LOVE for that part. See what happens when you do this EVERY DAY for 1 month. Then 2 months .. Imagine the outcome. Begin today.



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