Deliberate And Purposeful Manifestation Of Your Best Life

Glorious are those occasions where a client you are working with not only totally GETS your technique and the governing principle FOR the technique, but is so happy to feedback to you her past few days having run the technique over and over; a process I had given her as homework.

The technique was to CLEAR FEAR every time it comes up in a 48 hour period.

This particular client – a dear Dutch lady – to my mind had been too caught up in the so-called fascinating machinations of her fear and other symptoms in the body that it was a little like an innocent child inspecting a flower that had a swarm of bees in it. Soon enough you will get stung.

So I gave her my FEAR-CLEARING technique, and told her, EVERY TIME in the next 48 hours you fear comes up, zap it and clear it IMMEDIATELY. Don’t be fascinated with it. Just clear it (the fear clearing technique is available to members).

When I next spoke to her, a few days later she sounded totally different.

She sounded SO huge in her energy, so alive, so .. powerful.

It was as if she had clicked control-alt-delete, seen the programs running on her computer that were too heavy, taking up too much space, cleared them all and had about 97% CPU!

She was not only over-joyed with the results of this – and bearing in mind she is going through, to the world’s eyes at least, a highly challenging situation – she was so excited that she began to tell me how wonderful it all was, how it works, as if she was teaching me!! I love it when that happens.

She had integrated the teaching as her own. As the mighty Tim Ferris recently said, the purpose of a personal trainer is to render him/herself obsolete as soon as possible.

Later in the call, she was telling me more about the complexity and density of her current situation: so called social support not supporting her at all, teachers at her school not aware of the bullying her children were experiencing, the lack of time for herself and so on.

The opportunity was ripe to teach her my manifestation technique. This technique allows you to unplug from the current challenge, and recreate the situation anew along the lines of what you most WANT to happen. From problem to paradise. Essentially to go to the drawing board and purposefully DESIGN and create that which you most want to happen.

Just need to set the psychology and physiology right and BANG it just happens.

I had done this many times for many people; most recently a total “Gordian knot” of a situation with a dear married woman who wanted to leave her husband, move to the US to be with her new love and take her children to US to send them to school there. But of course she was racked with fear and guilt about telling her husband. How on earth was she going to move from the terrible stickiness of this situation to the smoothness of an Elysian field of the miracle-delivered?

Well the miracle indeed occurred, using a HIGHLY tangible and replicable principle:

After 3.5 sessions with me, I:

*Cleared ALL her current PERCEPTION of the issue (fear / guilt / catastrophisation / limited thinking etc)

*Got her crystal-clear on WHAT SHE MOST WANTED to happen. Help her see the BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME. Ran this new crystalline movie in her mind over and over and over.

*Ran a manifestation technique over and over so all the cells and fibres of her being VIBRATED very high with the Best Possible Outcome. 

We ran this technique TIL SHE FULLY EMBODIED this highest vision, til there was zero fear or doubt. Just love and purity and clarity. And no guilt.

And bang … Guess what happened?

Her husband ended up approaching HER and said, “I think we should consciously uncouple, you should move to US to be with this guy and we can send the kids to school there”. When the miracle occurs it is BEST-CASE SCENARIO for everyone.

If you want to know what this manifestation technique is, please scoot over to the member’s area (memberships start at as little as £18.99 a year)

So I taught my dear Dutch client this technique. And already things are coming to her that she most needs and wants. From victim to deliberate creator. We are powerfully weak or powerfully strong. Powerful nonetheless.


What would YOU most like to happen in your life?

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