What Are The Morning Rituals Of The Most Successful People In The World?

Tim Ferris is not short of column-inches and air-play on the internet. He is a highly driven and successful entrepreneur who calls himself a “guinea-pig” for any and all life-hacks. He simply wants to know what will bring him the most health, the most happiness and the most wealth (in all meanings of that word). He is also highly likeable and humble.

One of the most consumed things he does is his podcast where he has interviewed over 200 leading luminaries in the world of business, sport, entertainment, health and the like. He has a new book out looking at the tools and techniques of this elite subset.

He is on the interview round for his new book currently and is often asked the question, are their common traits in these Top 200 people?

He says yes. What sets them apart is how they START the day.

He says in over 90% of cases they have a morning routine that looks like this:

  • BEFORE switching on phone / computer they do 20+ mins of MEDITATION / mindfulness / breathing / yoga
  • Finding 3 things they are GRATEFUL for.
  • Seeing clearly what they most want to achieve that day / week / month year (etc)

You can imagine how that optimises their mindset and gives them the best start.

Breathing and meditation for at least 20 mins every day stills the mind and brings you access to the deepest, richest parts of the mind. It also sets the bodymind into deep relaxation which has innumerable health benefits.

Deliberately experiencing GRATITUDE is a highly powerful state.

Purposefully KNOWING what you truly want and what you most want to achieve and SEEING AND FEELING IT DONE ALREADY is another highly powerful, magnetic state.

If you would like a hand CREATING a MEDITATION RITUAL in the morning, please get in contact.


Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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