[New Webinar] How To Heal And Resolve Complex Situations Using The Quantum Power Of The Mind

We have all been there.

We have all been in those ludicrously complex situations that have so many moving parts and other people involved that we simply do not know how to proceed, much less RESOLVE the situation cleanly.

Wherever you look in those situations, it feels like there is trouble ahead. You would need a crystal ball to REALLY know which way to go. Go this way, maybe this person gets hurt, go the other, maybe you get hurt.

This is a real “Gordian knot” of a situation: a knot so complex and tight there would seem to be little chance of unravelling it. Do you recognise this?

These complex situations fill us with dread and fear and it seems all you can do is hold your breath, put your finger in your ears and shut your eyes til it is all over.

Have you had this?

OR how about this?

Do you have a theme in your life, a type of issue, that seems to KEEP happening periodically? Here is one such example brought to me recently by a dear colleague:

“Whenever I become friends with a man and it looks like it might be going somewhere, there is ALWAYS another woman that comes onto the scene within a few weeks. Like an ex girlfriend will come back. This always seems to happen. It has also shown up at work a few times, where I am the personal assistant to the CEO and he now wants another lady to come in and do the job instead of me. Why does this keep happening?”

In our session, not only did we HEAL this situation but were able to MANIFEST better outcomes. How?

Because our minds are INCREDIBLY powerful and our SUBCONSCIOUS MIND that holds all the events and experiences from our past (particularly the ages of 0-7) AND AS A RESULT all the imprints and unconscious BIASES of what we come to EXPECT from life project out and manifest certain events IN OUR ADULTHOOD TO SHOW US what is still unhealed in the subconscious.

Phew, a bit of a mouthful I realise!

So what is really happening is that certain events and situations are REFLECTING that which is still unhealed in the subconscious. Once we HEAL that aspect of the subconscious, those TYPES of events and experiences do not need to happen anymore.

So WHAT SEEMS to be us being a VICTIM of events is actually a powerful metaphysical mechanism to CREATE events to SHOW US what we still need to heal. 

How do we do this?

How do we HEAL these complex situations – and these recurring themes – so that we can manifest and create what we WANT rather than what we don’t?


This is exactly what I am going to be teaching next Wednesday 3pm UK time via webinar:

“How To Heal And Resolve Complex Situations Using The Quantum Power Of The Mind”

In this 45 min live teaching, I will show you how to easily:

*Break down the complexity of a situation into easily navigable and HEALABLE parts.

*Review how what we term a complex situation has an INTERNAL aspect (our perception/projection, ie. the way we FEEL and ARE about something) and an EXTERNAL aspect (the other people involved, events as they unfurl etc) and how BOTH are intimately connected and how we can AFFECT spontaneously the outer by the way we ARE about it at a deep level (authentically are, not synthetically).

*How to HEAL the inner aspect to naturally manifest a more optimal outer resolution

*How to UNCOVER any SUBSCONSCIOUS aspect that needs to be healed that are CAUSING the limiting external situations.

*How once we HEAL the internal aspect in full, we can then DELIBERATELY AND PURPOSEFULLY CREATE the best possible outcome that benefit all involved.

This is highly impactful and transformational information that can heal vast swathes of your life.

It is a HIGHLY interesting teaching and I realise this may be a stretch for some as it is about taking 100% RESPONSIBILITY for your life.

I usually only teach this to private clients but I want to give you these golden keys that will help you inordinately.

It is £12 to register, and you can do so here:


It will be great to present this to you.





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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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