Our Programs Become Our Projections

Nothing we ever think or perceive is ever neutral. It comes from the swirling vortices of our programs which lie underneath the notice of our conscious awareness.

The way we think about things comes from the knocks and bumps of our past which form these swirling programs that give rise to these highly convincing points of view that we call “truth”.

Everything we perceive then is entirely clouded by the filter of our past. And until and unless we CONSCIOUSLY CLEAR these programs and their effects we remain in their prison. We can call this the “prism-prison”.

For the programs create the projection which creates your pseudo-reality. Noone’s pseudo-reality is the same, which surely points to how fluid and malleable and moveable one’s thought-system is. Entirely corruptible at its base.

Welcome to the world of the ego thought-system!

The only worthwhile work we can do at the level of the mind is to “get to the bottom” of this system of program-projection and clear it at its base. How?

One way to do this, is, for example, when you notice you are becoming afraid, or angry, or frustrated or any other iteration therein, simply take a moment and say “This is all coming from me”.

As you say that you halt the mechanism of projection.

Try it now. Notice how you are feeling, how your ego is “acting up” and say “This is all coming from me”. What happened when you said it?

The projection-mechanism is halted from playing itself out (a little like a wind-up toy) and you can just let the breath clear the projection itself.


Here is what happens:

The wound (program from the past) being “wound-up” is activated and plays itself out, a little like a wind-up toy plays out according to its programming. At this moment we have 2 choices: either to blindly let it take you over so you become the host and carrier of this “wound-parasite”. As you do so ugliness and chaos and the preservation of the ego thought-system prevails.

Or you can NOTICE how the projection is occurring, NOTICE that “it is all coming from me” and as you say this a vast swathe of the mechanism is breathed through and transmuted and released, the base metals of the wound being transformed into the gold of pure no-thing-ness.

The more you do this for a particular emotional projection (let’s say someone cutting you off in traffic or someone holding you up or someone ignoring you) the more you weaken the mechanism and after a few times of doing this when the issue arises – let’s say 5-20 times depending on the ferocity and strength of the emotion and program – the mechanism simply unwinds and lightens, softens and is no more.

At this point you look at things with fresh eyes, without the blot of the wound obscuring your otherwise pure clean viewing.

Your distortionless perception then becomes a conduit for anointment rather than of judgment. It blesses and restores and heals rather than disturbs and condemns and further injures.

And as importantly, you find the smooth road of peace.

Enjoy it.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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