The BSerie Of Fear

There are many ways to prove that the emotion of fear is essentially “BS” – or to put it slightly more elegantly, an elaborate smoke-and-mirrors act, all teeth and wild gnashing but in the end no actual bite.
1. It is a false-prophet
How many times have you been afraid about an upcoming event e.g. an interview, an exam, a difficult conversation with a family member, for it to go just fine?
How many more times will you have to go through events that go just fine for you to see through the ridiculous vapour that is fear?
The presence of fear is SUGGESTING that you know exactly what is going to happen at the event, correct? Are you completely psychic? In that way it is a false prophet or false oracle.
2. It is not true for everyone in that situation
Let’s say you are terrified of an upcoming event (eg an exam) and 100 people are sitting that exam, if you put all the anticipatory emotions that people had toward the exam in a row of severity, then person 1 may be so totally calm and blissed out (either because he or she really doesn’t care either way OR he or she is so well prepared they know they are going to pass easily) to person number 100 that cannot turn up because they keep passing out with nerves.
So there is a continuum of emotional response, so YOURS is NOT TRUE or HARD FACT! It is on a sliding-scale that CAN be shifted and done something about.
3. Fear is conditional on the condition of your condition
Fear may be present in more acute doses if you are already “burnt-out” and feeling vulnerable. You feel less resilient to life in those times. So the very same event presented to you may pose greater problems when you are fragile compared to the times when you are strong.
This is why it is SO important to do all you can to remain or become physically strong (nutrition, exercise, quality supplements, meditation etc).
4. It is totally transient and ephemeral
Have you had an occasion when you were really fretting about something then someone calls you up or you bump into someone and end up having the most amazing chat? You feel so amazing after catching up that you forget what you were afraid of.
Again shows you how ridiculous and illusory that emotion is.
In what ways does fear affect you in life?
What does fear prevent you from doing?
For the next 2 weeks til 18th May I will be running 1:1 Clear-The-Fear Masterclasses. If you want to sign up (they are only £25 and conducted via Skype) please inbox me directly now.
In the masterclass I will be showing you how to CLEAR fear immediately down to zero, and how that affects your life and your mind and your vision in the most impeccable way.
I will be doing in this for situations SPECIFIC to you.
Not to be missed.
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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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