Acceptance is not merely an intellectual concept but a FULLY PHYSICAL one. Acceptance is carried out and completed in the body, not only as a lofty notion.

As long as forgiveness and acceptance are merely intellectual NOTIONS THEY DO NOT AND CANNOT FULLY WORK!

Acceptance has been shown to be a KEY to transform the self from the needy, body-oriented, grasping ego that seeks outside of itself for its happiness into the Light Self, the Divine Self that is all-powerful and needs nothing but just to extend Love.

Yes I may have lost a few readers already – but perhaps that resonates with even the empiricist agnostics among you.

So if you have a tricky situation or a situation that gives you PAIN or discomfort, do this:

1. Ignore the thoughts aspect of it and go to the FEELING

2. What is the feeling?

3. ACCEPT and allow the feeling in full, breathing it into the Heart-Centre. Hold it there briefly.

4. As it hits the heart-centre and you hold it there, it will dissolve and disappear.

5. Repeat with what is left of the feeling.


Do you have an ongoing pain you would love to heal?

An ongoing complex situation that is too much right now?

Have 35 mins with me (complimentary). I will give you some insights and tools that will take you RIGHT out of it. I can 100% guarantee that.

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Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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