When You Do A Healing For A Highly Skeptical NHS Psychotherapist

One of my first ever clients – quite pleasingly – was someone I already knew. A member of my chamber choir, someone who liked me and saw me somewhat as an older brother.

One evening, after a rehearsal, in the pub, I asked how she was.

She said, “Umm not good. I have really quite bad anxiety at the moment”.

The irony was not lost on me here as by profession she works on the NHS (UK mainstream healthcare) as a psychotherapist.

She saw the flicker of this realisation cross my eyes and she beat me to it by saying “Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking. Why can I not solve this in myself?”

I wanted to help her, so opened it up by asking:

“How do you solve anxiety in your clients?”

She said “15 weeks of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) plus sometimes some drugs.”

“Interesting” I said. “I can likely heal that in about 15 mins”.

She said “That is clearly b**s***. What do you mean “heal” it?”

I said that I have a weird ability to take unwanted emotions out of someone through energy healing. She said “Yeah that is clearly bs”.

I said, “Give me a go”.

So we did.

I went round to her house and had her think of her issue (she had extreme anxiety around flying and also social phobia – she was due to be going on a hen-weekend and didn’t know many people going) and I got to work clearing that emotion.

Immediately she felt something.

“O wow. I can feel you in me (pointing to solar plexus area). That is weird”.

I then checked to see if it had worked, so I asked her “Where are you flying from?”

She said “I don’t know. I haven’t dared open the email yet.”

So we went to her computer and I carried on clearing her as she opened the email. She felt no anxiety as she looked at the flight details.

The hen-weekend was the following week — and she came back from it with the following news:

“Dan, incredible. Not only did I have no fear on the flight but I had one of the best times of my life. My friend – the only other person I knew on the trip, also a psychologist, noticed the difference in me. We need you on the NHS to cut down all these queues as what you do really is immediate.”

That spontaneous and immediate energy clearing of anxiety COMPLETELY changed her world-view, from one of Newtonian-based skeptic to someone who appreciates the truth of healing.

Nice, eh!


Over to you: What would YOU like to work on, that would bring you an exponential leap in the quality of your life?

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