The Key To Healing Trauma Is Easier Via The Body


I remember I was about 27 years old, had awful insomnia and sleep deprivation that tested my abilities to want to stay on the planet and had spent years and £1000s trying to solve it. No therapist could even touch the sides with it.

Until I had a session with a hypnotherapist who’d had an article written about him in the Times. Very diligent, studious guy, far removed from the dressed-all-in-black turtleneck-wearing practitioners you often see in that profession, particularly back in the early 2000s.

As I settled for my session, I told him what the issue was – severe insomnia- and he said “Ahh, that’s not a primary health condition. It’s secondary.”

I was immediately taken aback as to me it felt VERY primary. It was so fundamental in fact that it really pushed my abilities to be on this planet. I told him this or similar, probably with a trace of being offended in the voice.

He said “No, I mean, it’s an effect of a cause. There is something underlying in the subconscious mind that is primary.”

I didn’t know what he meant, but just went with it.

He then got me very relaxed and then asked me a very interesting question, one that no other doctor or practitioner had asked, which was:

“How do you FEEL when you can’t sleep?”

I was surprised by the articulacy of my response and the feelings that bubbled up:

“Outraged, so annoyed, like it’s so unfair that another day is going to be ruined”.

Then he said, “When was the FIRST TIME .. in your life .. you had that exact feeling?”

Then something weird happened. It was like I travelled down a string and LANDED in a memory of when I was 12 when quite a shocking incident happened to me (no details to go into here, other than it felt grossly upsetting and unjust).

He said, Yes that’s interesting but that’s not the FIRST time. I said, there’s no way I can go further back than that. I thought it was surprising I got access to that memory from my childhood.

He replied saying I will. He asked the question again, When was the FIRST time you felt that feeling?

Then within a few seconds, suddenly I was 2 years old and the memory that arose was shocking, I was in floods of tears, it felt as though I was 2 again, and the therapist had to gain control of the session and had me as the 27 year old Dan intervene and mediate.

It kind of worked, and looking back now as a professional therapist I think we healed about 60% of the memory. Clearly what’s known as a “cornerstone” memory.

I walked out of that session as though a 500kg anvil was taken out of me, a weight that explained a lot of the hitherto existential pain I had felt, and I had so much love available. I later met for dinner with my then girlfriend and my mum, full of love, then with friends.

I had so much love pouring out of me that it shifted my perceptual consciousness and I had what would be referred to as a mystical experience where I saw time slow right down and saw things happening in front of me in a kind of bubble that was coming from me. The people I saw in that bubble were also in slow motion and appeared to be floating. I had love for them even though I didn’t know them It felt like they were appearing in a kind of wakeful dream that was coming from me.

That was a fundamental moment for me as it showed me that the keys to healing subconscious trauma are through the body, in the feeling-state.

Now I do this for others regularly. I will be happy to help you. It’s a vast chunk of freedom waiting to happen.

Let me know if you want more info.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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