The Pain Of Intimate Relationships




I remember once remarking that if you see someone bawling their eyes out in public it’s generally not because someone’s died, but someone has left them.

There is something uniquely painful about romantic love and then that love being taken away.

Intimacy opens up every cell and fibre to the object of your love, and when that love is then taken, the pain as a result goes to the very core.

Intimacy – during the relationship – also provides a SEARCHLIGHT to those deeper parts of the psyche that are usually under wraps when you are single. Which is why after the honeymoon period, ego often arises and starts snapping its teeth … sabotaging the relationship in the process. The dreams of happy-ever-after blown away to reveal 2 egos going at it.


What are your biggest challenges when it comes to intimate relationships?

Do you feel it’s always the same pattern playing out regardless of who you are in a relationship with?

Is there a temptation to blame the other?

If you had no “relationship wound” what would happen?

What does an optimum intimate relationship look like?

If you’d like help in this area get in touch. Once your relationship wound is healed, beautiful, powerful things occur .. and not just in the realm of intimacy.

Ps. I once did a healing for someone with deep relationship wounds, due to horrific past-events, who kept dating abusive men.

The wound was healed, 2 weeks later, she came back to me saying, Dan, the most beautiful men keep approaching me, really decent men, and asking me out. How do I turn this thing down?!

I must admit, I didn’t know the answer.

About a week after that, she emailed me saying, one of my dear male friends has just proposed to me.

So you see: when the wound is healed, huge things occur!

Would you like to heal your relationship wound? If so send a text to +44 77239 25056 to enquire about sessions.

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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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